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b00tyqu33n29 t1_iubd2rh wrote

Don’t get a test, get a box of the little tab testers online. You can get a box with a ton of them for $10. Break open one of the “cheap” $7 single tests and you’ll probably find the same slip of paper inside. It’s a waste of money to buy the single ones when you can just have a box and rip open the foil super easily when you need one.


tweakingforjesus t1_iube2t6 wrote

How often do you test for pregnancy? Even when we were trying to get pregnant we used maybe one a month.


Glum_Butterfly_9308 t1_iubi9ou wrote

Not everyone has an easy time conceiving. Some people take years, and eventually those tests add up.

Personally it took us 20 cycles before we had a single positive. I had lots of months where I didn’t test at all, some where I tested once, some where I really had a feeling they were it and I tested a couple of times (testing early can give a false negative).

It is common when you do finally conceive to keep testing and watch the lines get darker. Many people have chemical pregnancies. These are very very early miscarriages that we only know about because the tests have gotten so good. Back in the day where you had to wait several days to a week after a missed period to test, you would never even know that you had a chemical. Now, you may get an early positive but have the lines get lighter over the next few days. If you’re having fertility struggles, it’s helpful to know whether you are conceiving and losing pregnancies early or not conceiving at all.

When we did conceive I think I took about 4 tests over the course of a few days but online I often see people do 6-8. Many people will test until they get a “dye-stealer” which means that the test line is darker than the control line. People take this as a positive sign that it is progressing well.


tweakingforjesus t1_iubk05l wrote

Wow. We thought we might have trouble but it went pretty smoothly for us. I’m glad we didn’t have to go to such lengths.


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tweakingforjesus t1_iubrdhl wrote

I’m very sorry I came off like that. That was not my intention. I was trying the state that I recognize how difficult it can be and I understand how lucky we were. We were preparing for a multi year effort and even began early to try to have a better chance with the challenges we were expecting. My wife used those ovulation dipsticks and we scheduled specific days of the month for quality time. We even had a referral to a fertility specialist ready for when that time came.

I am very sorry for what you had to go through. I honestly wish you well.


dexable t1_iubt6ym wrote

There are other reasons to test for it on the regular. Like if you have an irregular cycle or your period is late. The number of times I used pregnancy tests when i wanted a negative result greatly out number the times I was checking for a positive result.