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685327593 t1_iu4iu11 wrote

Because basically everything can kill you in a large enough dose. You really can't get too worked up about thus kind of thing, especially those idiotic California Prop 65 warnings that are literally everywhere these days.


brewmoon t1_iu4k4ja wrote

Exactly. What no ones seems to understand is that it' the dose that makes the poison. Even water can kill if you drink too much of it.

The thing about the studies that are done, is that they give extremely large doses to the subjects which is very improbable that a human would consume that quantity.


eloel- t1_iu4mavx wrote

>Even water can kill if you drink too much of it.

This is true! Arsenic's lethal dose is much, much lower than water's, but I guess they're both just poison at the right dose so they must be the same thing.


thedl894 OP t1_iu4m96o wrote

I agree but I’d rather die from something more exciting than eating a turkey sandwhich everyday for lunch😂


WarmMoistLeather t1_iu4ouxt wrote

Came to mention 65. It's maddening. There's a sign on the wall near my outside mailbox kiosk thing. "This area may contain..." Can you be more specific? Is there something I should be looking out for? Are you just telling me not to eat the plants or chew on the stucco? Whatever good intention there may have been has been obliterated by people putting these warnings on everything to cover their asses.