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Antman013 t1_iua221g wrote

That's just what they "want" you to believe . . . LOL. Freemason here, too. I always laugh at the conspiracy nonsense. If anyone ever brings it up around me, I will play along, tell them I am a Freemason and that, when we DO finally takeover, I'll be put in charge of Togo.


LandoChronus t1_iua35xw wrote

Like, if someone orders food from your Lodge to take home, you'll handle it ?


Latter_Bell2833 t1_iua7v4p wrote

This is hilarious. Had to give an award. Most of our time at the lodge is spent eating. Our only conspiracy is having the best fried fish I’ve ever had.


Antman013 t1_iuag0je wrote

A brother Lodge to mine used to host an annual "Wild Game Night", as the majority were hunters and fishermen. Oh my God, the FOOD.

Arctic Char from the Northwest Territory

Wild Boar


Black Bear

Bison Steaks


Amisarth t1_iua3fsx wrote

What’s Togo?


BubbhaJebus t1_iua4ys4 wrote

It's usually after Forhere.


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_iua9jts wrote

Lol, reminds me of one of the first times I was in the US on business, going through a drive-through in a rental car, and the woman asked me at the window if it was to go or for here. I just kind of looked at her.

Apparently they can give you trays for people that like to sit in their cars in the parking lot and eat.