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MembershipFew989 t1_iua28ce wrote

Popular take - nefarious and intimidating illuminati-esque organisation hell bent on world domination.

My experience - a bunch of 60-something businessmen trying to leverage social connections to further themselves through showing some calf ( to prove they're not women), and discussing their prostate problems... I don't think that is related to proving they're not women. I've never met a freemason I considered to be the least bit intimidating.

Basically a more formalised old boys network for those who didn't go to the right school.


dorgatus t1_iua7kqe wrote

The age problem is a common problem of local social clubs nowadays. I joined when I was 17 and was the youngest by far. It took some explaining the the older members that freemasonry is a hobby and therefore competes with all the manifold hobbies available nowadays. We changed our approach and representation and had great success.


Sparkletail t1_iua9qrb wrote

That's exactly it, my grandad was one and he told me bits about it.