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TransposingJons t1_iua2vgj wrote

My whole paternal line were Freemasons, but it stops with me.

They are a white-supremacist club (in North Carolina).


TheRidgeAndTheLadder t1_iua8d4k wrote

Yeah, a lot of lodges have gone down the maga route and been kinda excommunicated. (No longer recognised as lodges of freemasonry).


enderandrew42 t1_iua9e20 wrote

That is unfortunate. I have met some individual bigots within Masonry, but that runs counter to everything we teach about equality, tolerance and brotherly love.


[deleted] t1_iua7bz4 wrote



senorali t1_iua8ivv wrote

Organizations are made of people. Get your revisionist shit out of here.


prob_wont_respond t1_iuajybs wrote

He's saying the individuals present may be racists in their own right, but as an organization the freemasons do not hold racist views.

There's no revision there, if it isn't in their tenets it isn't in their tenets.

If they particular cluster of douches in NC were racists, they were racists


senorali t1_iuaxpsz wrote

The masons as a whole, not just the NC chapters, are old white men. They are most definitely racist and exclusionary. Their actions speak louder than their claims.


prob_wont_respond t1_iuay2a3 wrote

Old white men aren't by definition racist. There are racist old white men.

I'm not a member and have no direct evidence of racist practices, if you do I will obviously accept that sourced info.

What actions do you have in mind?


senorali t1_iub1bww wrote

You're being pedantic and ignoring the fact that if a group in practice behaves a certain way, it doesn't matter what their stated goals are. Their actual behavior overrides that. You're not providing some amazing revelation by saying "actually, not all of them are like that". These motherfuckers were still segregated 50 years after the Civil Rights Act.


prob_wont_respond t1_iub76hs wrote

That's a nice source and as I said, I accept it and adjust my opinion.

Reserving judgement is not being pedantic. Judging a group by one anecdotal reference is ridiculous.

"I met a racist American so all Americans are racist by design". Nah.


senorali t1_iub9is7 wrote

You could have googled this in five seconds. You contributed nothing to the conversation.


prob_wont_respond t1_iubfyl8 wrote

Stand down Dwight, you made a claim and didn't back it up. I refuted anecdotal assumption and feel fine about that, I don't rely on you to inform me of my contribution.