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ownersequity t1_iua7zdp wrote

I believe it was the soldiers returning from WW2 that needed that brotherhood. They were used to their lives being defined by masculine community. When they returned, they filled the ranks of all of those organizations you mention (I am often asked to join the Knights of Pythias). Now those old gentlemen are dying out and decreasing the ranks. They have to figure out how to change with the times.


Antman013 t1_iuaff5g wrote

Freemasonry has existed LONG before the 20th century. Kiwanis was founded in 1915, during WW1, but before US involvement. Lions Club was 1917. Rotary was founded in 1905.


So, while soldiers may have sought out these groups post WW2, they certainly were not the only people joining.


ownersequity t1_iuaqn6g wrote

I didn’t say they were the only people joining, but it was a swell in the ranks for sure, and those are the ones that have died or are dying out without that volume of replacement