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tripping_yarns t1_iua9aiu wrote

Perhaps the most damning case I’ve read about was the murder of Roberto Calvi (Italian banker), allegedly by an Italian lodge of the Freemasons known as P2.

There are lots of other theories, most of which are speculation or are shrouded in mystery. Most interestingly is the link between Freemasonry and Adam Weishaupt, philosopher and founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. Which was an actual thing, not just a conspiracy theory.

I’m not a nutter, but I do believe that the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ has been deliberately associated with paranoia and is now largely ridiculed.

I do think that far more goes on behind closed doors than we can conceivably imagine.


Bennito_bh t1_iuac7ga wrote

> I’m not a nutter

Obviously not! That’s something only a regular non-nutty person would say