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Scott_4560 t1_ixtqu0j wrote

One of the dumbest features of modern cars. Would rather spend a few dollars on fuel wasted while idling than fork out for a new starter motor ever few years


happygoclunky t1_ixts45w wrote

Also saves on emissions and polutuon in cities and towns, improving people's health.

I have a car with this feature and after 8 years the starter is still going strong. And you can turn the auto stop off


iamnogoodatthis t1_ixtspe0 wrote

Maybe you need to buy cars with less shitty starter motors. My 2013 stop-start one is still going strong, and the lungs of people where I live are the happier for it.


the1slyyy t1_ixtwy3v wrote

Pretty sure these stop starts designed their starters to handle the load


kyrsjo t1_ixu1ofb wrote

Also, starting a warm engine doesn't take much, compared to i.e. a normal or especially a really cold start. To start my old diesel car when its say -20c and it's had time to get really cold, takes a while, even after bumping the glow plugs a few times.