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Vadered t1_ixs6mgj wrote

In terms of mold, they aren't really that much worse than other berries - all berries go moldy VERY quickly. They carry natural molds on them that make their shelf lives very short.

In terms of smushed, raspberries are hollow. When you pick a raspberry off of the plant, the center part called the torus stays behind - think of it like the stem. This means the fruits are hollow and are more vulnerable to smashing, because they don't have the internal mass to resist force.


hellokylegoodbye t1_ixtgvqq wrote

I wasn't aware of your second paragraph and now I feel like I learned something today. Cool.


Weird-Brilliant9423 t1_ixu5tuj wrote

You didnt know raspberries were hollow?


hellokylegoodbye t1_ixuibzz wrote

I knew they were hollow. I just wasn't aware why they deflate or go mushy so fast and that it was common for those kinds of berries to "turn" quicker.


newerdewey OP t1_ixv2w37 wrote

any reason they don't pick with the torus intact?


Vadered t1_ixw34q0 wrote

Two reasons:

  • It'd be significantly more difficult to do so, and more importantly:
  • The torus isn't edible in raspberries. It won't kill you or anything, but it doesn't taste very good.