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iwasmurderhornets t1_iyeel8q wrote

There may be free or low cost detox in your area- if you want. You can call SAMHSA 1-800-662-4357 (HELP) and they can help you find some. It's completely anonymous. You can also try 988- the national crisis line.

Sometimes a doctor can help you with a home detox. Basically, they will give you librium, or another benzo that you can take when you start to get withdrawal symptoms. This is usually the same thing they do in the hospital as well- they'll just monitor your vitals.

You can also try to slowly taper down to like- like, have one less drink a day for a week, and keep going until you hit 10 drinks a day before you quit- but that can be harder to control.

Either way, good luck! Addiction is a bitch but people beat it every day. :)


mercilessfatehate OP t1_iyefj0u wrote

I have slowly tapered down. From liquor to light beer, but then I get to like 3 beers a day and I get super scared to go the rest of the way to 0 and then I get depressed and go back to liquor. Viscous cycle