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TyrconnellFL t1_ixzxeap wrote

I don’t know what point you’re making. Narcan is routinely prescribed for people who are either abusing opioids or taking opioids for e.g. cancer pain. The Narcan is intended to be given by family members.

Narcan also has standing orders and anyone can get it to save someone else, but it’s not an individual prescription and, because America, not covered by insurance.


-paperbrain- t1_ixzy65m wrote

The user I was replying to was complaining that it was so freely available without prescription. There are very good reasons that people who are addicted, but because of the stigmatization and legal consequences are afraid to tell a medical provider, or don't have access to doctor visits, should still have access to narcan. There are very good reasons why people who are NOT addicted but for various reasons may encounter an overdosing person need access.

My point is that there are very good reasons to not require a prescription. And that more lives are saved by not requiring a prescription for narcan.


Clewin t1_iy0ueu4 wrote

There are several charities in the US that provide doses; I used to volunteer for one and packaged "overdose kits" that were given to first responders and homeless encampments. I am no longer involved, however - ex-wife's best friend ran the charity, a bit awkward now. The weird thing is it still requires a prescription but charities can give out for free due to the way a later law was written ..