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police-ical t1_iy0c1az wrote

This is the result of a big push for reform, saying "the benefits of making this one very safe and easy to use antidote widely available greatly outweight the harms, because people are dropping like flies from opioid overdose and many are afraid to seek care or can't afford it." Moreover, if the average person squirts Narcan up their nose, nothing really happens. If these average person gives themselves a shot of epinephrine, they're going to get quick and clear side effects, some of which are dangerous in the wrong person. You could still make a case for over the counter but it's not as clear.


pupae t1_iy0fw7w wrote

Plus, even ppl who feel narcans effects wouldn't want to abuse it or risk having to take it. It blocks opioid receptors, which sends addicts straight into withdrawal. It's literally only attractive when the other option is death.