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NoSoulsINC t1_j2ajhtq wrote

Usually if there’s a blockage or if the urethra opening is stuck partially closed. For men, this is common after ejaculating as there can be some semen left behind that needs to work it’s way out, or the skin in the tip gets stick or dry and sticks to itself.


FizzySpew t1_j2anp1k wrote

For me (a guy) it's usually a pubic hair that got right there. Pulling the hair off brings the two streams into one.


Ghstfce t1_j2cfx3x wrote

Even a spontaneous erection can cause this, as pre-ejaculatory fluid can cause sticking.


exponentials t1_j2aka85 wrote

Reflux is the reflexive action of the detrusor muscle inside the bladder, which contracts for a brief period of time to help return previously ejaculated seminal fluid to the bladder. This causes a split when you try to pee after, as the seminal fluid and urine fight for passage out of the bladder simultaneously.

Source: Have ejaculated then peed.


MuppetDude t1_j2bnym9 wrote

Well, I don't know about regular guys... but my family has this (apparently genetic) thing where the very tip of the urethra splits into 2 right near the end. The solution from the Dr's is to simply slice between the 2. Sometimes the flesh between doesn't want to come apart easily. Imagine putting your thumb at the end of a water hose.


RussTGates t1_j2ajcrw wrote

If they move to the side and the stream hits their face at an angle, usually it splits. Something about geometry I think