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ivthreadp110 t1_j2dg3re wrote

Tetanus is not caused by rust, it just makes a nice environment for the bacteria to live. It usually comes from agricultural runoff. So the rust on a rusty nail is more likely outside whereas the rust on your shaving razor is less likely to have been exposed to animal dung.


wiskey_straight86 t1_j2diorx wrote

I guess I've been shaving wrong


throwaway8u3sH0 t1_j2dk437 wrote

I thought this was the other way to use a poop knife.


Touchtom t1_j2e129z wrote

How to say you e been on Reddit forever without saying you have been on Reddit forever.


ChaoticEvilBobRoss t1_j2enf3v wrote

If you haven't upgraded to the Pooptana yet, then you need more fiber in your diet. Nothing beats taking a poop, then using unsheathe and a heavy attack to cleave that log in two.


Excellent-Practice t1_j2dtq42 wrote

Hijacking the top comment to ask why OP is shaving with a rusty razor. Your face deserves better. Get a new blade


jeffa_jaffa t1_j2e2r5j wrote

How else are we to deal right OP being a drunken sailor?


Any_Werewolf_3691 t1_j2e29br wrote

Stop pushing big razor's agenda. Beards are beautiful. Let's normalize not shaving or only shaving with non disposable blades.


ChaoticEvilBobRoss t1_j2en7ic wrote

I like to shave my face with a sharp piece of shale, or a good shell. Works great and is incredibly reusable.


morosis1982 t1_j2ex049 wrote

Disposable is fine, but it should be the old school type. Have been shaving with a safety razor for a while now and it's superior in every way to a modern one, and a pack of 50 blades is like $10.


DeadFyre t1_j2dqe3w wrote

Specifically, the bacteria Clostridium tetani. It's a benign bacteria which lives in the soil, or in the gut of animals. It's just that inside the bloodstream, in hypoxic conditions, they can produce a toxin.


patrik3031 t1_j2dsc8j wrote

Additionaly the cut depth matters, nicks are less likely to give you tetanus than stepping on a nail.


ohfuckohno t1_j2dvnzu wrote

Also, hijack- if you cut yourself deep enough with a “old/rusty” razor they will still give you a tetanus shot