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stepwax t1_j1w3fno wrote

Pantones are for print, they are specific mixed ink that creates a standard color that can be replicated on printed materials. Think the red in Coca Cola, or the blue from Tiffany. Those logos look the same when printed on any material, because a Pantone can be matched pretty much exactly. A Pantone is solid, where as CMYK is a mix of dots used to create continuous tone in print (if you look through a loop you can see the difference). Pantone is also a business, and has now hopped on the subscription train.


ExternalUserError OP t1_j1xw2g9 wrote

So are these images with Pantone colors including extra metadata that’s useful for print but less useful for on-screen?


stepwax t1_j25y0lh wrote

Are you trying to achieve something specific, because your question sounds like you are overthinking this. A Pantone color is an ink, it's not a screen color. Pantone colors can only be achieved on printed materials.