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bored_lima t1_j1wip3p wrote

Rgb is the medium your screen operates on. Pantone operates in cmyk which is a mix of inks. That's why those are 2 different volumes. Even if you match a pantone on your screen it's gonna look different on mine. The # is the same but the look is different on both screens


ExternalUserError OP t1_j1yhdom wrote

So if you have a Pantone color, there’s extra metadata in the file that tells the printer what ink to use? Is that accurate?


bored_lima t1_j1yp87f wrote

Yup in a simplified way it does. Most of the time there's a DTP specialist that controls the process before it goes to the printer. There's a few different Pantone libraries so they make sure the correct one is used and check for additional details.