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Ok_Elk_4333 OP t1_j26s8dt wrote

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Right. So these “interesting facts” you see online that claim that when you shuffle a deck of cards it’s never been like that before - are bullshit


AHumbleLibertarian t1_j26tdzb wrote

Well, yes and no. You're definition of shuffle is much different than their definition of shuffle. You're thinking a shuffle could mean a small reorganization of some cards from a given starting point. A true shuffle will implement pseudo random number generation algorithm to sort a deck of cards. This is done by casinos. Otherwise a deck of cards that isn't reorganized between games of play and has seen substantial play would likely achieve similar results.


Kasmoc t1_j26x3lg wrote

No really, more often than not, the same deck is used many times, most homes have a deck or two they use until they can’t, so after a single game, just putting the deck back together would possibly make it novel, then shuffling on top of that. The chance of shuffling a deck which has existed before, is less likely.


Pickledprickler t1_j270oub wrote

If you shuffle it like how you would with eg. a bridge, then yeah it isn't truly random. But if you were to do something more random--say, you throw them in a wind tunnel and pick them up off the floor--then it will be random, and this will likely be a permutation that no one has seem before.