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zebediah49 t1_j68ho0z wrote

> edit: just watched the vid, hillarious, they are just disolving the toxic metal particles in the water holy moly and use distilled non conductive water for the "proof". Yay humanity!

It might not be toxic.

Looked like steel, so you're primarily just producing iron oxide (rust) and dumping that into/onto the water. But also whatever else is alloyed into the steel. And I still wouldn't touch it.


Juan_Ebolovich t1_j68l9f3 wrote

Yeah, if it's stainless steel for example, you're getting some delicious chromium, which is a Bad Time.


CulturalIndication1 t1_j692iez wrote

Yeah, fuck chromium. I grew up in a town that had a chrome plating factory and they dumped their waste in the creek that ran alongside two schools. I was born with correctable heart defect but damn there were a lot of kids with cancer.


Soranic t1_j6av8ti wrote

Jersey City?


CulturalIndication1 t1_j6avg7d wrote

Nah, Northern California, Willits


Soranic t1_j6awi2i wrote

Jersey City used to regularly turn some shade of purple because of the factory. Now there's a gated community in place of the factory.

The local wetlands preserve says not to eat the crabs in the water because you'll get cancer.


_ShakashuriBlowdown t1_j68o3c3 wrote

Been doing some home electrolysis for fun. Everything I read about chromium has me feeling like this.