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klipseracer t1_j6c296k wrote

Lmaooo. How someone can enjoy gin and tonic is really beyond me. I can't unsee that when I see someone who likes it.


larrydukes t1_j6cbata wrote

My favorite on a hot summer day. It's got to be good gin (I like Tanqueray), generous amounts of ice and lime with any decent tonic(Canada Dry or Schweppes). So crisp and refreshing.


BladeDoc t1_j6d8vwq wrote

Have you tried Tanqueray Rangpur? It makes any gin drink that you’re going to make with lime taste even better.


dubbzy104 t1_j6cak8k wrote

Some people derive pleasure from pain and suffering


Selfless- t1_j6czc7c wrote

Tonic is not soda water. It’s quinine juice. Quinine is a bitter, obsolete medical extract that has horrible side effects. If you don’t like a gin and tonic it’s probably not the gin you object to.


klipseracer t1_j6gd3uy wrote

Yeah I'm aware there is a difference. Having had shots of gin, I can say with confidence there is nothing about a gin and tonic or gin by itself that I think is appealing, hence my astonishment when someone enjoys it or calls it their drink or choice.


SapperBomb t1_j6d3yvn wrote

I've found that substituting premium vodka for gin in most traditional gin drinks works really well