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its-a-throw-away_ t1_j6at1y2 wrote

With women, after exiting the urethra urine passes between two broad folds of tissue which meet in a line. This creates turbulent flow.

For men, even if urine passes through a foreskin after leaving the urethra, the opening is narrow and roughly circular. Surface tension causes cohesive, sprialled, unturbulent flow.


Kaz3girl4 OP t1_j6at9k0 wrote

So this means I must hold the two folds aside and see how it looks then.

This is good, and I appreciate that!


tsme-esr t1_j6bf4yj wrote

That's actually suggested as a procedure for how a woman can pee standing up (without a funnel or similar device).


Gently hold the labia apart, don't stretch it (stretching the urethra will affect the flow of the urine).


atomicsnarl t1_j6g9rtx wrote

The space between the inner lips from clitoris to vaginal opening is called the Vestibule. In a full squat, knees shoulder or more apart, the vestibule should open and you should get a direct stream from the urethra. On the toilet, use the saddle position (facing the wall/tank) to get the knees well apart if there's room. If you can't saddle, keep the knees apart and lean forward as best you can.

Once you're familiar with how this works, you can put your finger tips between the inner and outer lips as shown:

Vulva Drawing Permission granted for non-profit duplication and display.

Practice in the shower and eventually you can do this standing (mostly) with your knees out and hips rolled under. Starting with a strong stream helps. Good luck!


Kaz3girl4 OP t1_j6hlq12 wrote

Nothing would make me happier than to be able to stand and piss next to my boyfriend. Thank you for the info!


atomicsnarl t1_j6j5pkw wrote

Works for my daughters and lots of country girls everywhere. Stand and Deliver!


katycake t1_j6et760 wrote

Who pees without pulling back their foreskin? Quick way to get a rash.


its-a-throw-away_ t1_j6evnf9 wrote

Um, I presume most men with foreskins. I'm 45. Never had any discomfort or signs of a problem whatsoever.


RIP_Sinners t1_j6f5mlm wrote

You won't get a rash. In fact, exposing the area underneath to the elements is more likely to lead to a rash.


katycake t1_j6fomvs wrote

I doubt that. You don't keep it exposed. Only for peeing.

All I know is, I had a bad rash for not pulling it back when I was 4 or 5, and then I had to be told what was going on to help it not to happen again.


SpiralCenter t1_j6ah52r wrote

A not entirely accurate gun analogy. Boys have a longer barrel so pee more like a pistol, where girls pee more like a shotgun.


fatpaxs t1_j6apdm3 wrote

Guys have a riffle w/ barrel stabilizer, girls have sawed-off shotgun


Kaz3girl4 OP t1_j6ahfqb wrote

This actually makes sense and gave me a laugh, thank you


brknsoul t1_j6aqa1x wrote

A better analogy might be that women pee like a faucet, whereas men pee as if they have a hose and nozzle attached to said faucet.


Slow-Blacksmith3281 t1_j6axzaf wrote

The urethra opening for women is between the labia, which can certainly affect the flow pattern depending on your shape.


tsme-esr t1_j6bf1lh wrote

Because the cross-section of the urethra is different.

Women don't have a penis, so it's ok if the pee kinda sprays instead of forming a stream. The cross section of a woman's urethra is mostly smooth, relatively simple.

To facilitate the formation of a stream for a man's urine, the cross section of the urethra is somewhat "rifled". The urethra being like that, makes the flow of urine more like an organized stream, to mostly avoid unwanted spraying.

There's probably some anatomy textbook out there with better diagrams or images, but I found this


is_only_joke t1_j6avrv6 wrote

Dicks literally have rifled barreling. We didn’t even think to use that in guns until a few hundred years ago.

For some reason, nature decided men needed to be capable of pissing with extreme accuracy and precision.

(I’ve heard dogs like to pee high because it makes it seem like they’re taller/ smell catches in the wind)

Pissing through a hunting rifle versus spitting water out of your mouth


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