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bradland t1_j6p5kto wrote

I live in South Florida. We see it.

Keep in mind that when they say sea level rise, they’re talking averages. Tides vary already. The ocean level rises and falls on every coastline.

What we’re seeing locally is that high tides inundate areas that weren’t previously subject to inundation, and areas that are normally tidally inundated stay wet longer, and in some places don’t dry out at all.

There’s a local boat ramp nearby that has a storm drain that stays flooded to the top pretty much all the time now. When I was a kid it would only flood with the tide.

We’re also seeing tremendous beach erosion. The shore is at a gradual slope, so every inch or rise moves the shore break a foot or so closer to the dune. This erodes the dune and makes for a short, steep beach.

When I was a kid, you could play frisbee in front of a local beachside pizza shop. That same shop is now atop a sea wall. There is nothing between it and the sea.