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Amationary t1_j6m9f9o wrote

Pineapple has a chemical in it that breaks down protein. Your mouth is made of meat and protein, so it tries to break down your mouth, causing the tingle.


swissarmychainsaw t1_j6nhk6i wrote

>Pineapple has a chemical in it that breaks down protein. Your mouth is made of meat and protein, so it tries to break down your mouth, causing the tingle.

who is eating whom?


Excellent-Practice t1_j6owaie wrote

Just a quick PSA: If this happens with most other foods, it usually means you have an allergy


Gastonthebeast t1_j6ozjx3 wrote

Kiwi and mango? My mouth tastes fuzzy after eating it. Are they part of the pineapple family or nah?


Astreauxs5 t1_j6p3t87 wrote

I have a kiwi intolerance (not as much as an allergy) but it makes my ears itch inside and sometimes tightens my throat. Pineapple is only the tongue thing... that's a whole different ballgame.


Swedish-Butt-Whistle t1_j6p5sx7 wrote

Have you had an allergy test? Itching and swelling are definitely allergic symptoms, the throat swelling being especially concerning. Allergic reactions can increase dramatically in severity from one instance to the next, so you should seriously avoid kiwi. Anaphylaxis is not something you want to experience.


Astreauxs5 t1_j6p68g5 wrote

I guess it's an allergy to some degree; don't care about the term. I only get it from melons (not watermelon), kiwi and Brazil nuts. I don't eat anything that makes my throat and ears constricted!!


BTown-Hustle t1_j6pk169 wrote

I get the exact same thing with fresh pineapple and kiwi. Not mango though.

And not cooked or canned pineapple. I believe cooking/canning it kills the enzyme.


kaizokuuuu t1_j6mk9k8 wrote

Is this the same thing that happens when eating Monstera deliciosa as well?


oblivious_fireball t1_j6ov4si wrote

Monstera Fruit just tastes like pineapple, it doesn't have bromelain in it.

If you eat the monstera's fruit unripe, it still contains needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals like in the rest of the plant, puncturing and irritating the lining of the mouth and throat.


genesiss23 t1_j6p30z5 wrote

And that is why you can't use fresh pineapple in jello.


zeekoes t1_j6m84oh wrote

You know how your saliva has enzymes that help break down foodstuff? So does pineapple. While you're breaking down the pineapple a bit with your enzymes, the pineapple is doing the same to your tongue. That's what makes it tingle.


wildcatginn t1_j6mctlw wrote

So does your stomach acid neutralize the enzymes from the pineapple?


zeekoes t1_j6meqht wrote

Stomach acid and your own digestive enzymes break down the bromelain (the pineapple enzyme).


wiseoldfox t1_j6oo4fp wrote

So will heat. Grill your pineapple.


collegiateofzed t1_j6mofhf wrote

Pinapple enzyme."bromelain"

While you're trying to eat it the pinapple is trying to eat you.

We're just an insane organism with litteral hydrocloric acid in our stomach which denatures the enzyme.

What little bromelain stays in your mouth really isn't sufficient to cause significant damage to such a huge biomass.

And what superficial damage occurs, our bodies EASILY regenerate.


Representative_Art96 t1_j6p1j2o wrote

If I ate an entire pineapple every single day how long would take before actual damage starts being done?


collegiateofzed t1_j6p2ve3 wrote

I'm not convinced it ever would. Not a scientist... but...

But striking a match a day will never boil a cup of water. Doesn't matter how many days you do it.

The water returns to ambient temperature, and the previous match had no effect.


SenorFuegoGato t1_j6pctt7 wrote

There's even a cream made of Bromelain which is used to treat burn victims in hospital. It eats up all the dead tissue so the burns can start to heal.


collegiateofzed t1_j6pdb4n wrote

That's f-ing AWESOME!

But that sounds incredibly painful.


panponcz t1_j6pet0y wrote

Actually it was used on me a couple years ago, and they gave me morphine and something else to numb the pain so it was just a little bit itchy. Afterwards the wound wasn't really painful, It was just uncomfortable to have this fresh skin stretching, but i have rather high pain tolerance.


SenorFuegoGato t1_j6pe0n6 wrote

It's amazing! They give pretty strong anaesthesia alongside but it's still not the most comfortable


Altruistic-Battle-32 t1_j6nwe2d wrote

The comments on the enzyme are correct. It can also be a low level allergic reaction, I have it with avocados


PraiseThePun81 t1_j6n9www wrote

Wasn't there a guy that posted something like this before and it turned out he was having an allergic reaction to Pineapple? and had been for years?


polkaron t1_j6p7sxl wrote

My mom told me to soak pineapple in salt water to address that enzyme that causes the tingling. I don't know if it chemically neutralizes it. But pineapple sure tastes way nicer after being in salt water for a bit


Saxamaphooone t1_j6p93c4 wrote

Yep. This is why canned pineapple doesn’t tend to elicit that reaction.


BORKCHOPACTION t1_j6ox8vj wrote

So what if this happens with virtually every fruit/vegetable I eat? That’s probably a allergic reaction I assume?


cok3noic3 t1_j6p2wf5 wrote

That would be my guess. It would be worth getting an allergy test to find out


Goatfuriswarm t1_j6pfdpb wrote

You may want to read up on Oral Allergy Syndrome.i have the same problem with fruits and vegetables and it might be of some use to look into.


TheManicCoder t1_j6pb2ns wrote

Anyone ever get a weird taste drinking water right after eating fresh pineapple. Unless it's just me 😃


ShankThatSnitch t1_j6n1sj1 wrote

Pineapple has an enzyme that is great at breaking down proteins. Your tongue is slowly disintegrating, essentially. Watch this, and you can see how pineapple effects steak at different time intervals.


evil_burrito t1_j6oyj2t wrote

While you're eating the pineapple, it's busy trying to eat you.

There's an enzyme in pineapple that dissolves protein. You're made of protein.


frenchizal t1_j6p4xrg wrote

Bromelain - it's a chemical in pineapple that's basically a meat tenderizer. Interestingly, if you have surgery or another procedure and need to reduce swelling afterward, drinking pineapple juice or eating fresh pineapple can help.