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monkChuck105 t1_j6364fm wrote

Trouble is that these territories were annexed by Russia, and it is defending them. The fact that Ukraine has called for retaking Crimea and the calls for removing Putin do not help. From the Russian pov this is a defensive war to stop the advance of NATO to it's border, where it could place nuclear missiles within 5 min of Moscow. That's the end of Russian sovereignty. It's just another continuation of the Cold War, where the US fought at or near the borders of the Soviets or China and pretended it was defending against the spread of communism, which was not spread by force but by popular revolt. This is obvious to any who have studied modern history, but inconceivable to those who only know the current thing.


ghigoli t1_j63cim4 wrote

>rouble is that these territories were annexed by Russia,

idk about you but i lived before the the twenty tens... Russia was accepted into the western world with trade deals and everything else in between.

Russia literally drew the map to Ukraine before they started this war. So anything that happens is their fault.

Literally no one is ever thinking of invading Russia other than China and Russia officials because they're too busy looting the country. No one thinks about Russia until they started this Crimea bullshit.

The entire reason Russia is this screwed up is because the people in charge need to drive an idea that the west hates them while Russia continues to cheat, loot, and murder their way to the point that they've become the monster they claimed to be. Russia's biggest threat has always been itself and the corruption that gutted the nation. The country government is incapable of doing anything honest whether its supplying their milltary to teenage figure skating.

Everyone still has nukes the timing of 5 minutes vs 10 minutes is still nothing whether there are nukes in Poland vs Ukraine vs Cuba it doesn't matter. MAD exists for everyone including the US.


Art_Z_Fartzche t1_j63cs95 wrote

Why don't you replace the word "annexed" with "invaded", and consider how ridiculous that euphemism sounds? Russia had no more justification invading Ukraine in 2014 than they did in 2022; the only difference was that they received a relative slap on the wrist from the international community for seizing chunks of another sovereign nation, which Putin and Russia have since interpreted as a fait accompli, and a justification for endless expansion into former Soviet territory. Ukraine today, tomorrow Moldova, Georgia, the Baltics, Finland, etc.

Just because Putin has brainwashed his own populace into buying this bullshit narrative doesn't mean the rest of the world is in any way obligated to respect or go along with their delusions.

As someone citing "modern history" as a pretext, Ukraine gave up former Soviet nukes stationed there 30 years ago in exchange for security guarantees from Russia. Putin is the global equivalent of some douchebag schoolyard bully who repeatedly slaps you with your own hand, while yelling "why you hitting yourself?".

I'm sure that if you lived in Ukraine. saw your own people brutally killed in attacks clearly targeting civilians, and weren't some tankie quisling, you'd want Putin dead and gone yesterday too.