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In addition to this, sometimes if you are in particularly dry air for long periods of time, it can dry everything out and it can be tricky to feel satiated. I'm actually like that right now. It usually goes away by the time I wake up though.


ShiraCheshire t1_j6cjarx wrote

And if it's very very hot, what you might be needing is actually a pinch of salt (and then more water.)


Wasatcher t1_j6cq7ld wrote

Too many people don't realize if you're hydrated to the point your urine is clear (which is a good thing) you're also flushing out all your electrolytes and need to replace them.


huskers2468 t1_j6csxuy wrote

*pale yellow

Clear is a bit much, but if you add electrolytes, then it should balance out.


Wasatcher t1_j6ct5l7 wrote

I feel like you just reiterated exactly what I said with different phrasing


huskers2468 t1_j6ctk86 wrote

Ahh I was just pointing out that clear wasn't exactly the goal, it overshoots it a bit. However, like you said, electrolytes can be added back in.

I know you had it right, but the common adage of "clear is the best" is not correct. People have been overdrinking water for a decade. "Force yourself to drink a gallon of water a day" is not a good thing.

Sorry, I should have made it clear I agreed with you. Just not with the common practice that gets floated around.


Wasatcher t1_j6cuxh9 wrote

Well I do agree very pale yellow is best. In the army they have pee charts in front of the toilet and they want it clear. But they also hand out electrolyte packets like candy and on really hot days it's "required equipment" to have a couple in your pocket.


huskers2468 t1_j6cvd39 wrote

Oh yeah, I agree. Each situation is different, and that would probably be the best practice for that scenario.

Seeing people in an office suffering to finish their water is a different story.


redsedit t1_j6czle7 wrote

> In addition to this, sometimes if you are in particularly dry air for
long periods of time, it can dry everything out and it can be tricky to
feel satiated.

I can second this. Every time it gets really cold where I live, this happens to me. Within a day of it warming back up, the thirst goes away. (And my vision is fine the whole time so I know it's not diabetes.)


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> you might want to buy a glucose testing kit to see if you have diabetes.

Just come to the fucking hospital and don't dick around with that.

For real, most shit people come to the ER with is such bullshit but sugars causing polydipsia and polyuria (excessive thirst and urination) actually count as an emergency and aren't going to magically fix themselves if you just wait it out.

I get that healthcare can be prohibitively expensive in the US. But if you fuck around mulling over what to do with the "maybe I have diabetes" armchair doctor shit, you're just going to get sicker and sicker, possibly to the point of being in a coma in the ICU or even dying.


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While you're absolutely correct, I think you're underestimating just how fucked up the US healthcare system is. You could probably give hundreds of thousands of Americans free evidence that they need medical treatment, and many of them could still rationally decide not to get it because they can't afford to miss a day of work.

The US is a developed country living on top of a developing country. It is one of the best countries in the world to live in if you are rich, but it is horrendous to live in if you're poor.


gynoceros t1_j6cbqgf wrote

> many of them could still rationally decide not to get it because they can’t afford to miss a day of work.

I totally get that.

But what I'm saying is that if you leave sugars that high untreated, you're going to wind up wishing you'd only missed a day of work.


Morvictus t1_j6cc0x2 wrote

Oh I absolutely believe that your assessment is spot-on. My point is that seeking medical attention that will stop you from dying a couple of years from now is stymied by the fear of being evicted two weeks from now.

The fact that any non-millionaire American can unironically claim that they live in the greatest country on Earth is a parody of reality.


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> stop you from dying a couple of years from now

I totally agree with you that American exceptionalism is a fucking sham but I've had patients go to the ICU the day they first got diagnosed with diabetes after they came in complaining of thirst, frequent urination, and fuzzy vision. And had they continued to ignore it, they wouldn't have lasted a couple of years. Maybe not even a couple of weeks.


Morvictus t1_j6ce7yr wrote

Hey, I wish as much as you do that people would or could seek medical treatment that could save their lives, but there are millions of Americans that cannot make it to next week if they spend any time not grinding for the machine. The current state of the average American worker is a disgusting indictment of unfettered capitalism.

I have socialised medicine, and I can't convince many poor Americans without health insurance that they'd be better off not voting for the Republican party.

I know political discourse on the internet is not generally productive, but some of the people I'm talking about are people I have known for years. Extreme American capitalist propaganda is so permeating that it has poor Americans unwittingly advocating for their own early deaths. Shit is wild.


Boagster t1_j6cmees wrote

But but but... death panels!. And my taxes going to the mino... the poors.


chadenright t1_j6clztl wrote

It's not unwitting. Tens of millions of Americans are fully cognizant of the fact that their politics will put them in an early grave, harm their kids, their parents and their spouse - and these Americans don't care so long as the politicians hurt the people those voters want them to hurt.


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Ended up getting sent from work after boss (with diabetes) heard my comments about whats wrong. That cost about $2300 i didn't have.
With later refusals for tests I'm supposed to have a couple times a year, because they wanted it paid in advance since I was in collections.

This was with health insurance that I was paying per 600 a month to have (not use)


NefariousIntentions t1_j6cog0e wrote

What do I do if I have seemingly had most of the symptoms for diabetes since childhood, but supposedly blood sugars have been fine all the time?

Peeing gets 3x worse when having alcohol, and no not the normal person more fluid in - more fluid out. Non-American, been tested multiple times since childhood.


gynoceros t1_j6coseh wrote

Alcohol suppresses secretion of antidiuretic hormone, which is what keeps you from pissing away a bunch of your volume.

So by not making ADH, your body pisses way more than usual. That's how alcohol works, that's not a medical emergency.

If you've had symptoms since childhood and it's been worked up, that's also not an emergency.


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I experienced these symptoms my whole life too. My parent had diabetes and would frequently test my blood sugar because they were sure I must have it too, but it was always normal.

I finally got diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome a few years back. Might be worth looking into!


Shellbyvillian t1_j6cnskp wrote

I kind of get what you’re saying - but there are lots of reasons OP could be having these symptoms. Why would you go to the ER when you can go to a 24hr pharmacy and buy a 40 dollar glucose meter before you waste hours and thousands of dollars?

I’m in Canada. It would be absolutely free for me to go to the ER. I would still do a quick sanity check before going for a reason like this.


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Where I live (UK) you'd be laughed out of the hospital if you came to A&E because you're feeling thirsty. The place is overrun and people with imminent life-threatening issues such as strokes and heart attacks are made to wait for hours in ambulances. The official advice if you're felling thirsty ( ) is to drink more (duh) and call your GP if it doesn't get better.


gynoceros t1_j6d0lte wrote

I'd bet you a hamburger that if you went in and said "I've been incredibly thirsty and urinating a lot, and my vision is fuzzy" they would at the very least check a fingerstick sugar before laughing at you.


86rpt t1_j6disck wrote

Yup. We would be very concerned until that glucose came back 106. Then we chuck a water bottle at you and laugh you out the door.


Vladimir1174 t1_j6cstbz wrote

I ended up in the icu almost dead to DKA for exactly this reason. Type 1 don't fuck around


deirdresm t1_j6eguuk wrote

Had a friend who suspected he might be diabetic, had an appointment several weeks out. Died before the appointment.


gynoceros t1_j6fnnxw wrote

Sorry to hear it.

That sucks. Shit like that really makes me want to leave healthcare for something more ethical like the legal field.


e-rekshun t1_j6cnbis wrote

Same here. I went nearly a year like that.

The reason I went for so long was I had JUST started a diuretic at the same time so I thought those were the effects of the diuretic and were "normal" and I had gone for a blood test right before starting the medication and my A1C was normal.


atomic-fireballs t1_j6cc9q4 wrote

Same thing happened to me. I was constantly thirsty, needed to pee 12-15 times a day, and had nearly every other symptom of diabetes. I went in for a checkup and sure enough, my fasting glucose was nearly 300. Have gotten them under control since then and am feeling MUCH better overall. Shit is not something to let go unchecked.


Xabi4488 t1_j6coppj wrote

> Yeah, this is exactly how I found out I have diabetes



bigflamingtaco t1_j6cp03b wrote

This is often accompanied by cottonmouth. Your body is trying so hard to get rid of excess sugar through your urine that it starts denying thy use of water for non-critical uses, which includes saliva production.


krickaby t1_j6cxlaw wrote

This happened to me on a random day in highschool. I didn’t know what the hell was going on so I’m drinking Gatorade thinking it’s going to help but of course that was only exacerbating things. Mom knew right away what was up and sure enough I went and checked on grandmas meter and I was at 550. The meter maxes out at 550 so I don’t really know exactly how high it was.


Old_and_tired t1_j6cz7bu wrote

holy shit that's terrifying. my highest was 340, which was when I was diagnosed with it.


krickaby t1_j6d00lt wrote

At the time, this was due to the incredibly high dose of prednisone my doctor had me on for some lung issues. Diabetic response to prednisone in general is common enough, I guess. 17 year old me didn’t know that, tho. I used insulin for about 3 months before things leveled back out.

Flash forward 15 years and I am now T1 diabetic, though.


Aurawa t1_j6csx59 wrote

What if we know we have diabetes and have had it for decades but this still happens?


Old_and_tired t1_j6czahz wrote

check your blood sugar again to make sure your levels are ok.


mcchanical t1_j6ctb5o wrote

I get something like this occasionally but I have really bad eating habits and often it's in a morning after I've been drinking, so I always put it down to my body just craving easy nutrients and actual hydration. I find milk very addictive sometimes but I always have, it's just so easy to pound a carton of milkshake and feel satiated with a bit of fat, protein, water and sugar.

No visual issues yet but I will always keep advice like this in mind. I see it a lot on Reddit and occasionally I do wonder about the normality of my eating habits sometimes.


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blakevh t1_j6br6i0 wrote

People used to say that you’re supposed to “drink x amounts of water per y”. I’m fairly sure that that’s been disputed and you should really just drink when thirsty. Preferably water.


PhasmaFelis t1_j6ca8gp wrote

People keep telling me that. I'll feel like complete shit and have no idea why 'til I take a sip of water, find myself greedily guzzling the entire bottle, and realize I haven't had a drink in six hours.

"When you're thirsty" doesn't work for everyone.


_Sign_ t1_j6cpv33 wrote

it sounds like the classic "eat when youre hungry" advice. some peoples internal sensors arent calibrated correctly and theyll go all day without eating or always overeat


RandyHoward t1_j6cuvdn wrote

This is me. I really don't get hungry very often and as a result I tend to eat one meal a day.


DoctorWaluigiTime t1_j6ct6s8 wrote

It's okay to not drink water that long. Your body will inform you when you're thirsty. I suggest next few times you are thirsty you don't chug the whole bottle all in one go, however.

And yes, "you must have X amount of water a day" is bunk. Your body will not let you get into states of dehydration (which occurs long after "I haven't had a drink in six hours" -- you do that every night when you sleep, and you aren't in a state of dehydration when you wake up).


jamesbideaux t1_j6cun2m wrote

that said you probably won't exert yourself as much when sleeping as you do when actively moving around and sweating.


DoctorWaluigiTime t1_j6cv36s wrote

Of course, but my point is that thirst or dehydration doesn't happen by virtue of "it's been 6 hours" or whatever. It takes a day+ at minimum to start getting to danger levels unless you are actively working out / doing more than hermit-ing in the household.

Which again, your body will inform you of this, long before you get to actual dehydration (headaches et al). "I'm thirsty" is not the same thing as "I'm in a state of dehydration."


PhasmaFelis t1_j6f4o67 wrote

> Your body will inform you when you're thirsty.

My body doesn't. That's what I'm telling you. I feel like shit, I don't feel thirsty; as soon as I drink something I suddenly realize I'm thirsty, drink a bunch, and immediately feel better.

We're not talking about life-threatening dehydration. We're talking about thirsty enough to feel bad, but my body isn't sending "drink something" signals.


maynardftw t1_j6cxie2 wrote

You kind of are

My friend who worked out could only manage to get ab definition in the morning after he woke up

You sweat a lot in your sleep


illessen t1_j6buokb wrote

I’ve always been told, if you’re thirsty that you’re already dehydrated.


BowzersMom t1_j6cjski wrote

That’s not true. Dehydration means you are taking in less water than you are losing to the point that your body isn’t working well. The first signs of mild dehydration include thirst, but also headaches, muscle cramps, dark urine, cool dry skin.

If you are just thirsty, you should drink some water. But just being a little thirsty doesn’t mean you are in danger of anything.


Aristox t1_j6cob6e wrote

The first signs of dehydration are not headaches and muscle cramps lol that's when you're already well into it. Your physical and mental performance will have already been reduced by the time you feel thirsty. If you're correctly hydrating you won't experience any symptoms whatsoever


BowzersMom t1_j6cwiwy wrote

….if you’re correctly hydrating you won’t be dehydrated. So of course you won’t experience symptoms of mild dehydration!


BeneficialDog22 t1_j6c4qov wrote

Well yes, that's what thirsty means lol.


Tiramitsunami t1_j6d2oyg wrote

That is not what being thirsty means. When you are thirsty you are down by a zillionth of a percent of what you'd need to be before you'd be close to dehydrated.


RixirF t1_j6c7p5k wrote

No, people think it's okay to be thirsty, and it's not. If you're thirsty, it's too late and you're already dehydrated.


UNFORTUNATE_POO_TANK t1_j6cc3hi wrote

What's too late? Your body has a very robust system to let you know if you need more water. You can go days without. Strongly not advised, but being thirsty doesn't mean too far gone in any way.


RockinMadRiot t1_j6d1hz8 wrote

Think of it this way, the brain is 80% water. So just as much as 2% dehydration can really effect its performance and cause issues.


Aristox t1_j6codeg wrote

Just because you don't die doesn't mean your physical and mental performance aren't reduced. You absolutely cannot go days without being dehydrated


ThePhysicsOfBaseball t1_j6ccokp wrote

Sorry, no. The way most people talk about this, it's horse shit, although that doesn't stop the myths from persisting:

> Bottom line: for healthy people doing normal things under everyday conditions, nature has already provided the perfect tool, precisely calibrated to replace the fluids that are lost through exertion, perspiration, urination and other excretion. > >It's called "thirst." Use it, and you can stop sweating about hydration.


DoctorWaluigiTime t1_j6ctbkp wrote

Indeed. If thirst meant dehydration, then everyone sleeping for 6+ hours a night would be dehydrated every morning lol.


RockinMadRiot t1_j6d1n90 wrote

But you could argue that we aren't doing as much in our sleep so using less fluid, when awake that's a different matter as we are using everything, including our brains.

Edit: just re-read, yes I agree with you. Thirst is just a sign you are starting to get low and need water, if you ignore that then very likely you will have dehydration


WeirdlyTallDwarf t1_j6chclu wrote

This is like saying "if you're hungry, you're already malnourished/starving".

Silly, is it not?


Aristox t1_j6coiyn wrote

No it's radically different. If you haven't eaten enough food your body will burn fat for energy. But your body has no alternative hydration source. You can go a month easy without food, you cannot go more than a few days without water and still live. And you cannot go a few hours of being lightly dehydrated without your body's performance falling below optimal


Tiramitsunami t1_j6d2gz2 wrote

You are almost NEVER dehydrated. It's a myth. You don't need to drink nearly as much water as the current fads make it seem. You certainly don't need a personal water bottle. If thirsty, drink, and that's all you ever need to do.


LoneStar2911 t1_j6bzgee wrote

Disputed perhaps, but not disproven. At least, not to my knowledge. I would say the majority of doctors, biologists, etc still agree on “you should drink x amount” (typically depending on your body weight). But yes, I’ve heard of it being disputed. And as the other commenter said, I was also told that once you’re thirsty, you’re already showing signs of dehydration. Until it’s widely accepted that there’s no need to drink unless thirsty, I’ll stick to what I’ve been taught this far. Besides, I don’t like being thirsty. lol


asingleshot7 t1_j6c3bim wrote

It is so variable that any advice besides "when you are thirsty" is pretty meaningless. There is wildly variable amounts of water in all the foods you eat and you lose water depending on activity, temperature, humidity, size, diet, and health. You can get some feedback from urine (clear is probably a little too much and dark yellow is not enough) but basically just listen to your body. It generally does a pretty good job.


Lordcavalo t1_j6c2nc8 wrote

Whats been disproven it's not that people should drink x amount of water, that would be absurd, the problem is when people say "you have to drink 8 cups of water per day" which is false, most of the water we consume is through alimentation, people need their amount of water but it's not a fixed number, some people might need 8 cups others might not need at all


UNFORTUNATE_POO_TANK t1_j6ccegg wrote

I don't know what alimentation is supposed to mean in this context, but generally yeah it just means giving your body nutrients. Drinking water is a form of alimentation, supplying your body with nutrients.


Lordcavalo t1_j6cnj2v wrote

Yeah I'm sorry I could've just have written simple but I'm dumb, I meant food (rice, steak, chicken, ...)

I think that it's pretty clear now that English is not my first language 😂😂


UNFORTUNATE_POO_TANK t1_j6dugdy wrote

No worries. No trying to call you out. Just trying to make sure I wasn't missing anything myself.


LoneStar2911 t1_j6c2zdy wrote

Yeah, I pretty much said it’s not a fixed number for everyone. I said it’s typically determined by a person’s weight.


Tiramitsunami t1_j6d2vif wrote

It's very debunked. It's just one of those rare not-backed-by-the-evidence health fads popular on the left, so it gets traded around in different circles than the usual stuff.


Moose_in_a_Swanndri t1_j6dgru6 wrote

A poster at my gym says to drink 1ml of water for every calorie of food you eat. I don't know if it's based on any science, but it sounds pretty reasonable. Better than 3l a day no matter if you're 5 feet tall or 6 foot 5.


techtonic69 t1_j6cdv00 wrote

I too get thirsty at bed time but have to avoid drinking too much water. Nothing worse than walking up to pee lol.


bahji t1_j6csq7c wrote

I think it's incredible that the body can learn and adapt to your own routines like that. I do a daytime fast every year for three weeks, so i don't eat food or drink while the sun is up. Within just a couple days my body catches on and I end up needing to pee an hour before sunset everyday like clockwork. Like my body is like, "it's 5 O'Clock, the idiot is going to start drinking again, we can release the reserves." It's just wild.


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neuromat0n t1_j6c9qjh wrote

It is possible that what seems random to you actually has a pattern. There are several factors contributing to the level of thirst. Let's first exclude physical expenditure (sweating), because that would be too obvious. And let's just assume that we didnt actually go without water for a long time.

The things going on in your digestive tract are far less obvious than other losses of water. You need to know one fact about the body: anything that is inside your digestive tract is basically outside of your body. So once there is a lot of secretion of digestive fluids this counts as loss of fluids from the body to the outside world. So then you can suddenly feel like you have lost a lot of water when it is actually still inside you. And then another curious thing can happen, once the food has reached the end of the digestive tract most of that water gets re-absorbed, and then you suddenly have to pee and you wonder why, because you didnt actually drink that much.

edit: or Diabetes. I guess this needs to be mentioned given the prevalence. Thirst that does not go away with drinking should be taken seriously, it is not normal.


Wundawuzi t1_j6cvo3v wrote

I know this is stupid but i just imagined my body absorbing and re-using his poop-infused water and was immidiatly disgusted.


nordoceltic82 t1_j6cvreb wrote

This is also why you are highly advised to have water or a light drink with meals. You need a lot of water to digest food, and lack of water is a leading cause of mild indigestion aka not feeling well after eating.

Also soup. Almost all people through history ate some form of soup for most of their meals. Not only does soup have lots of water, it has all the nutrients "lost" to other cooking methods. It's why broth is so often good for you. So soup up and be sure to drink the broth.


Scoot_AG t1_j6d1p4d wrote

Yeah this might actually be a good thread to bring this up in.

I saw some people talking on Instagram about when they were growing up their parents wouldn't let them drink water. They were led to believe that water can dilute your saliva and natural enzymes that digest food and can make it harder to absorb nutrients.

It sounds wrong but... Does anyone know for sure?


TinyDemon000 t1_j6csk1c wrote

At nursing school currently and just learning about the renal system so here we go:

Kidneys detect low rate of liquid passing through them > release 'renin' which causes our brains to activate thirst centre in the brain, telling us to drink more.

At the same, this renin turns into another hormone, which releases yet another hormone (ADH/Anti diuretic hormone) which causes kidney tubes to become more permeable to water, thus increasing our water reabsorption. It also causes yet a further hormone to release that causes sodium retention, because water follows sodium so this causes further water reabsorption from the kidneys.

This is why your pee gets darker as dehydration sets in, because the water is getting sucked back up.

If you were plenty hydrated, your body will dump excess water because this whole process isn't happening.


deszeri t1_j6cv518 wrote

Renin is a hormone produced by the kidney which does as you say, but it is separate from rennin (also called rennet), which is the enzyme taken from calves’ stomachs and used to make cheese. Similar words, but not the same thing.


TinyDemon000 t1_j6cvqxv wrote

Oh!! Damn yeah you're right. Sorry its like midnight here 😅 I'll change the reply.

Thanks mate 🤙


shpoopie2020 t1_j6cu67c wrote

Wow, the body is fascinating!


TinyDemon000 t1_j6cuhyh wrote

It seriously is! When we learn all the intricate cells that keep us alive its mad. How if the millions of cells inside one tiny part of the kidneys form just because of the right balance of sodium, potassium and a heap lf other stuff, and how they follow this genetic blueprint to be made in the right place at the right time...

We are a walking sack of salty water miracles my friend


ihadtologinforthis t1_j6cn2hw wrote

I have never experienced this. Do you not drink enough water regularly or something? Maybe go to the doctor just in case?


barbarastreisand t1_j6cnhk7 wrote

I also want to echo that you may want to consult with a doctor. Assuming you normally drink enough water and regularly, there's several medical reasons why this may be happening.

In my early 20s I started getting a similar experience - turned out my kidneys were slowly shutting down.

I don't want to alarm you though! It seems more likely you just never drink water on a regular basis. A similar analogy would be if you never ate on a schedule and only ate when your body felt starved and then you over-ate to compensate. Probably not the healthiest thing to do though.


The_Beardomancer t1_j6coigr wrote

This is a fantastic question. All of r/hydrohomies is probably keeping an eye on the chat with their infinite water wisdom


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DeviousAardvark t1_j6cwfvc wrote

This doesn't, you either have a serious problem or should consider drinking water more regularly.


Saargb t1_j6ctgkb wrote

No idea where you're from, but I'm from the middle east and people constantly forget to drink here. Their body eventually reminds them, they chug a liter and go on with their day, sometimes even not needing to use the bathroom.


FrankieMcGigglefits t1_j6cuney wrote

Most people exist in some state of dehydration. That's with everyone gets an iv when they come visit us


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