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RedPetrichor t1_j6ctqcn wrote

Where I live (UK) you'd be laughed out of the hospital if you came to A&E because you're feeling thirsty. The place is overrun and people with imminent life-threatening issues such as strokes and heart attacks are made to wait for hours in ambulances. The official advice if you're felling thirsty ( ) is to drink more (duh) and call your GP if it doesn't get better.


gynoceros t1_j6d0lte wrote

I'd bet you a hamburger that if you went in and said "I've been incredibly thirsty and urinating a lot, and my vision is fuzzy" they would at the very least check a fingerstick sugar before laughing at you.


86rpt t1_j6disck wrote

Yup. We would be very concerned until that glucose came back 106. Then we chuck a water bottle at you and laugh you out the door.