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Dudersaurus t1_j6mdrhu wrote

Short easy ELI5 answer.

Orange justice is not bad for you in moderation. Heating it, turning it into a mist or vapour and inhaling it is probably bad for you.

Many things that do not irritate our skin or digestive tract create reactions in lung tissue. This can either be severe and bad in the immediate term, or long term mild inflammation can cause scar tissue formation and damage lungs.


flippenko t1_j6oyp2b wrote

The only things our lungs are rated for, is pure Earth air. A mixture of nirogen and oxygen and etc. That's it. Add smoke or vapor, and performance and quality goes down. Is it inherently BAD for you, yeah probably. Is it dangerous? Might be, who knows. All we know for sure is that it isn't good for you. How not good it might be, is still subjective at this point until long term case studies can be made.


Hesk121 t1_j6m8klp wrote

My understanding is the heating the propylene glycol and glycerol in e-liquids creates compounds that release toxic chemicals that are harmful to you with and without the additions of nicotine or THC source. So in short still bad. Short term can cause inflammation, lung and throat irritation, I’m sure there’s more data on long term but cbf finding it.

THC additions have been shown to create a “sticky substance” in your lungs which can lead to further lung injury source. EDIT: THC when paired with vitamin E acetate as thickening solution not THC on its own

Nicotine additions bring in all the side effects of having nicotine in your system. Including an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, flow of blood to the heart and a narrowing of the arteries. Plus a general risk of addiction leading to more vaping and the higher chance of starting smoking.

ELI5 smoking the vapour is as bad and will result in damage to the lungs and throat, but no side effects or issues that come with the addition of nicotine or THC.


FogletGilet t1_j6mbgom wrote

Your link and claim about THC is totally wrong. The problem was with people adding vitamin E acetate to the liquids. This is a problem of manufacturing of liquids that doesn't seem to appear much anymore and has nothing to do with THC itself.

Avoid home made liquids like plague. And avoid vaping if you can, continuous irritation of anything in your body is always linked to bad outcome and we don't have enough data on long term use of vaping yet to rule it out in that case.

Flavors can also be extremely bad and these are even less studied and change all the time. Look at popcorn lung for example

That's one compound that makes damages pretty fast for example (and was well known, so people that flavored ecig liquids with that are criminals)


DaleyLlama t1_j6n1siq wrote

Their first claim is wrong as well. There is no evidence showing that vg and pg release toxic chemical when heated. The studies saying otherwise are falsifying results by subjecting the device to extreme scenarios in which no one would be inhaling


FogletGilet t1_j6p9nzj wrote

Interesting. This I didn't know about. Do you have studies that studied the liquids in "normal conditions"?


pridefulPie62550 t1_j6n50kf wrote

Vaping without nicotine may not seem as harmful, but it's still bad news for your health. That's because e-cigs heat up a liquid containing chemicals, flavorings and other additives to create a vapor you inhale into your lungs. The heating process can release toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and acrolein, and the long-term effects of inhaling these unknown. Plus, the flavorings used can be harmful and have been linked to serious health issues.


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fj42 t1_j6mb8q7 wrote

There are no known negative effects from inhaling glycerin vapours. There are concerns around some flavour compounds used in e-liquids.


billdietrich1 t1_j6nrl9u wrote

> no known negative effects from inhaling glycerin vapours

From :

> Researchers have recently found that vegetable glycerin can lead to inflammation of the lungs due to long-term vaping or e-cigarette use. One study on the dangers of vaping glycerin ran for four weeks, during which 34 were randomized to using flavor- and nicotine-free e-cigs or to a control group of no-use. At the end of the study, researchers discovered that the side effects of inhaling vegetable glycerin included inflammation in the lungs. The study also found that those who smoked e-cigarettes twice a day for a month contained higher levels of chemicals like propylene glycol in their blood.1

Also see