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Akinator08 t1_j89edof wrote

This looks like something which would disgust sober me while drunk me would have the time of his life.


plomerosKTBFFH t1_j8aglmq wrote

It's a staple the day after New Years Eve. Perfect for hangovers.


epi_glowworm t1_j89ge6t wrote

You think this is mad? Koreans put sweet potatoes on theirs. Why, hell, Americans put Alfredo sauce on theirs with chicken and bacon and cheese. Pizza is like tacos of Europe.


[deleted] t1_j89km59 wrote



huniojh t1_j89qwi1 wrote

You forgot the curry powder


Sailed_Sea t1_j8ea6jj wrote

The french also put curry powder on their pizza or atleast my local pizza place but its amazing.


epi_glowworm t1_j89rgpa wrote

Guys and girls, I know it’s bread. But making an open faced peanut butter and banana sandwich and calling it a pizza isn’t going to fly.


calimeatwagon t1_j8a0u9w wrote

>Americans put Alfredo sauce on theirs with chicken and bacon and cheese.

And it's delicious. Add in some spinach and you are set to go.


epi_glowworm t1_j8a967n wrote

I thought that was basil not spinach…


calimeatwagon t1_j8ac1nj wrote

I mean, I guess you could, but for what you are talking about, Chicken, bacon, and alfredo on pizza, it's usually spinach.

Basil would be more for the classic with just tomato sauce and mozzarella.


theitguy19 t1_j89p8kg wrote

En man av kultur

EDIT: Ser nu att du outar din lokation genom kartongen. Men jag kan väl säga jag backar och vet var du köpt pizzan. Var bra kebabpizza där sist jag var inom "stan" för många herrans år sedan


Dackeboi OP t1_j8a9rwh wrote

Saknar pizzan i Vänersborg där man är uppvuxen, men denna duger ändå!


Amanystya t1_j8ad25t wrote

I live in the UK and a lot of takeaways will sell pizza with doner meat. Ignore the naysayers, it looks delicious!


afallan t1_j896e9l wrote

I'd give it a shot.

Remember, Taco Bell makes a "Mexican Pizza."


lohnoah333 t1_j8a97wm wrote

This concept is actually also pretty famous in Germany, its pretty good. Sure , far away from Italian Pizza but still awesome. A kebap shop in my area makes one with a tomato Sauce base, veal kebap meat, Feta cheese, green peppers (pickled, very similar to banana peppers), shredded Mozzarella and a very good garlic-dill Kebap Sauce on top of the cheese after baking. Its amazing, especially when drunk.


afallan t1_j8a9llz wrote

Don't get me wrong I love "fusion" food. I was in Italy and they had a "California Burger" pizza that was pretty much a Big Mac on a pizza. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't do it again, good for a novelty.

When I was living in the UK, kebab everything after a drunken night was the best thing.


lohnoah333 t1_j8acyqx wrote

Kebap Pizza can also be really shitty. I think the idea is good, but you also need a chef who knows what hes doing. The meat often gets dry, the Pizza base is shitty, or other factors go downhill. Id say 30% of kebap Pizzas ive eaten were actually good.


FuriousRageSE t1_j896mok wrote

Where's the kebab? all i see is sauce.


Historical-Focus-205 t1_j8athk1 wrote

It is beneath the salad, in Denmark we call that a salad pizza, but we use garlic dressing instead of thousands Islands


PM_that t1_j89jszt wrote

This is actually a kebabpizza with salad, a regular is without.


Dackeboi OP t1_j89m0qd wrote

Says who? In sweden it depends on where you live. Around my area a kebabpizza always have tomato sauce and cheese on the dough topped with kebab, salad, onion, kebab sauce and tomatoes. Sometimes cucumber aswell.

Same with the sauce. More north its garlic sauce usually


PM_that t1_j89x0o0 wrote

Says my experience and every other menu in Linköping and probably more or less the rest of Sweden too.

Edit: OK I guess you're from Uddevalla and not Linköping, every pizzeria in Uddevalla has salad on the kebabpizza so I give you that but the rest of Sweden have without.


oohorusoo t1_j8ag4zq wrote

in germany it is just pizza with the kebab meat (and if you want sauce), no salad

i always thought adding the salad ingredients on top would be nice


Omenamieslol t1_j8cog3d wrote

In Finland they add fries in there too, can confirm its good!


bunny_meow_meow t1_j8ac8e0 wrote

My Swedish boyfriend craves it sometimes. And then, 99% of the time we still eat Napoli pizza… 😄


amg2121 t1_j8fxyqe wrote

Family 🦶


Dry-Actuary-3928 t1_j89mgd7 wrote

It's interesting. Is this a new trend in swedish pizzerias ? Are there other 'fancy' ones in the menu ? Could be interesting to roll it hmm 🤔


mycketmycket t1_j89nq0c wrote

It’s not a new trend - basically every casual pizza place in Sweden has been offering it for 20+ years. Needless to say pizza places in Sweden are not usually run by Italians but often by immigrants from Lebanon or Turkey. All pizzas from places like this also come with what we call “pizza salad” which is similar to sauerkraut. Swedish pizza culture is very weird!


Dry-Actuary-3928 t1_j89phsh wrote

Thank you very much for your response! I'm also very surprised that this type of pizzas are served for so long in Sweden. I was sure that only in Poland we have kebab pizza and stuff like this but now I see it's all over the World. So this is not only swedish weirdness. Btw i stopped thinking like this. I think this is just something new and as you can see people love it since 20 years. Have a good meal!


smltor t1_j89tym1 wrote

>only in Poland

Nah Japan has your back. They'll share the corn and mayo with you as you "fix" any pizza sent to you.

All things being equal the crazy arse pizzas will rule the world as the die hard people die out :)

I personally prefer really simple pizza but to me arguing about toppings which "belong" on a bit of fried bread seems kind of odd.

Italy birth rate is lower than Japan and Poland from memory so logic dictates an obvious direction in pizza toppings ahahahaha


Dry-Actuary-3928 t1_j89zg3v wrote

Hahaha I love your approach to the topic. I'd love to join your club! I'm surprised again. I thought Japans are restricted to foods. Isn't that? What about Japan classics like sushi, noodles, ramen etc.(I know that there is much more great foods in Japan except sushi , I'm sorry)


smltor t1_j8a1vbz wrote

If you are in Poland I have some bad news for you regarding sushi and ramen ahahahaha the stuff here is really quite as unique as Polish pizza :)

On the bright side gyoza is just fried kapusta i czosznek pierogi so you'll dig that if you go to Japan.

Curry is, from memory, the biggest selling food group in Japan but it is Japanese curry which is interpreted from English curry which is interpreted from Indian curry ahahaha

I guess I'd say that Japan has more regional food specialities than Poland but an awful lot is mostly for internal tourism rather than for actual preferences. Just like in Poland, who doesn't like kielbasa podwawelska the most except those weirdos in torun?

Tempura is a portuguese thing. Ramen (and kind of most noodles) is chinese. Sushi is just the rice. Curry is english and so on.

Food is pretty cool. Unfortunately some foods are super gatekept (usually by pretty ill informed individuals) and Japanese food is one of them.

If you ever want hilarity try and post "A full English Breakfast" or "Carbonara".


Dry-Actuary-3928 t1_j8a2t5b wrote

Yeah, true authentic Italian pasta. This is why I asked about japanese specialities. I wonder if they are stiff the same way Italians are about their carbonara. This kills me too 😂 i can see you are familiar to polish foods btw. Btw2: pasta isn't Italian invention too;) Edit: oh . You are Polakiem ;) wszystko clear


smltor t1_j8a57gt wrote

>pasta isn't Italian invention too;

A fellow Marco Polo believer?

I mean there are some bloody great things to eat in Japan that you won't get anywhere else. I am a huge fan of Nagoya TanTanMen and a guilty lover of Ichiban Ramen (a chain that does a curry ramen which should be considered a travesty but is great) but also if you look for world gold medals in pizza, patisserie etc over the past few years you'll find Japan has quite a few.

It is a very very food oriented culture.

You can even now get really good quality NZ lamb just by the palace nowadays (traditionally Japanese have a habit of saying lamb is too smelly to eat).

[I cook for my wifes family when we are here in Poland and obviously try to to use the local stuff, my sister came to visit and I needed bacon for dinner. She was all "what brand do I buy?" Nope. Look for the yellowest bit that has some string through it and just buy it all ahahahaha]


Dry-Actuary-3928 t1_j8a766t wrote

>A fellow Marco Polo believer?

I didn't know this is BS theory 🤔 thanks

Thanks for your response but i still don't know if Japans are type of 'this is not real Japan sushi go to hell' people.


smltor t1_j8a9me8 wrote

>this is not real Japan sushi go to hell

Sorry, old drunk and rambly ahahaha

Nope there are tons of places in Japan that sell sushi a Pole would recognise and like. There are also tons of places that do traditional as well (often cheaper or a zillion times more expensive).

My Polish wifes favourite sushi was at a place that I would say was on the questionable level of traditional. Lots of mayo.

But like I say Japan is a food culture and food cultures do tend towards "it tastes good so it's a good idea"

In Japanese foreign words are often in a different alphabet and an awful lot of restaurants menus are almost purely in that alphabet.

In my experience people in Japan doing traditional stuff in any "this is a belief" rather than "nah it's just how I know to do it" (and I am one of the traditional people, it's why I went there) tend to be a little bit out of the ordinary. Mostly people are just doing what they do to get by.

The cultural appropriation thing which you -might- be thinking of doesn't really exist as far as I am aware (white guy, some 15 odd dans in traditional martial arts, bugger all japanese language skills). Everyone I know is super happy foreigners are even interested in Japanese stuff.

They -might- give guidance on how to make it properly when they eat TanTanmen in Warsaw ahahaha but probably they wouldn't.


Laspz t1_j89u39e wrote

Whats the point of the 3 tomatoes..


C205- t1_j8a4ge6 wrote

I commend you for not eating all the peppers before the pizza came out of the oven.


chaoticsquid t1_j8b8w0k wrote

This is both absolutely vile and extremely appetising.


Themightytoro t1_j8cm7wz wrote

As a Swede, these are so good. Sometimes they put fries on them as well.


Camtono_17 t1_j8ap2lw wrote

Deras sås är föe fet tycker jag.. pingvin har bättre sås men där är osten/botten kass. Svårt det där.