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melouofs t1_j6uidwl wrote

The bun especially looks excellent but those fries are tragic. So undercooked


ainsleyadams t1_j6v4977 wrote

I came here for this. Otherwise I’m here for this. I love burgers.


Hassan_99 t1_j6vmbax wrote

Cook them in oil at 140C, throw a big batch in. Depending on the size of the batch, the oil temperature should drop to roughly 123-127C. Let the fries swim (not just stuck at the same position) in there till the oil gets to 133-135 C (should take like 1-2 min) . After that let them cool. Even better to refrigerate them overnight so that the oil gets sucked in the potatoes. Next time you fry them at 160-165C till golden brown. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Also important to let the oil leak out the fries. They won’t get soggy but crispy. Unless you like soggy ass fries


i_iz_human t1_j6vfmk7 wrote

Those aren’t fries, those are cries


TseMane t1_j6x0j8u wrote

I randomly scroll through Reddit in my day and look for comments like this that just make me giggle out loud and I think this is why I love Reddit and put my phone down satisfied and go about my day


JimmyFaceman t1_j6usncj wrote

Good burger, but one thing for sure os that those aren’t fries


ResponsibleShampoo t1_j6uhmmw wrote

Why use wagyu on a burger? Isn't it the best tasting beef around?


copyboy1 t1_j6uz56l wrote

Real Wagyu as a burger is a total waste. Wagyu steaks are marbled with fat to make them tender. But once you grind it up, it’s as tender as regular hamburger. All ground beef is tender.


mazzotta70 t1_j6v484s wrote

Butcher of 16 years here ..when you break down cattle you always get trim. Even a meat cutter in a retail/restaurant/production setting would get trim from cutting the primals into steaks. That trim is thrown in lugs, mixed with a little fat, and ground up into burger.

Cutting 1 whole chuck into roasts would end up with about half a out of trim. A standard lug typically holds about 40-50 pounds of trim/meat.

Imagine the amount of trim that would come from even 30 head of Wagyu beef. It'd be at least 1000 pounds of it.


malalalaika t1_j6v8nyr wrote

I swear, it's as if people have never seen a cow. What do they think happens to the parts of it that aren't steak?


mazzotta70 t1_j6vbn94 wrote

That's one of the issues with our society (USA). There is a massive disconnect between the growers and the eaters, for most Americans.


RheaButt t1_j6vpc0p wrote

The issue is selling it as some amazing experience when it's almost the exact same product


mazzotta70 t1_j6vqbbf wrote

That is entirely untrue. Grinding different quality meats, and meats from different primals on the cow results in entirely different burgers with different bite, cooking time, fat content, etc.

They don't just sell Kobe/wagyu products for more money because of the name. The beef industries in North America are highly regulated by the federal governments, no room for bullshit.


jackog420 t1_j7i3x73 wrote

Probably not proper wagyu. probably American, British or Aussie wagyu which is FAAAAAR from the Japanese stuff


What_The_Mage t1_j6uo4bw wrote



nhskimaple t1_j6xk871 wrote

The whole thing is horrible. Bun too big, burger small, fries nasty wow it’s bad.


theK1LLB0T t1_j6xyxi2 wrote

Its a goodfood meal. They advertised it as a colab with a local Michelin star chef.

Basically all ingredients come to you in a bag with a direction sheet. The burgers were sent premade, they were definitely small but the beef tasted pretty good. It also had some shreaded lettuce, pickled red onions and mayo with minced pickles and mustard on the base. The buns are always really good quality and fresh.

Chances are OP follow the directions on the potatoes which I always ignore on the good food meals because they're usually always undercooked. Its usually like 20-25 minutes of roasting at 450c*


I did mine extra thin, rinsed with water to get the starch out, tossed in oil and baked longer until crispy and then tossed with seasoning salt. Overall it was actually pretty good.


NeverVegan t1_j6v4w9y wrote

You should try baking/frying the fries until completely done and crispy. They’re soooo much better that way.


6_Paths t1_j6vj80l wrote

How are the fries? Looks quite undercooked. Not roasting, just an observation for improvement next time!


SpellingMisteaks t1_j6vrbcw wrote

You tried making fries in boiling water didn’t you?


DuTr0ng t1_j6w9t3i wrote

now im craving for burger thanks


newkie445 t1_j6walm5 wrote

Fries were cooked in freezing cold water


futurerep t1_j6zpifh wrote

You could plant those fries and grow a crop of potatoes


K0LT t1_j6vrlgv wrote

Burger and *soggy potatoes*


CMP930 t1_j6vzkai wrote

Really small patty, frozen?


theK1LLB0T t1_j6xz2gh wrote

I had this exact meal in a box this week. Patty wasnt frozen but definetly undersized for the bun. Still tasted good.


ExpKiller t1_j6vzw5c wrote

Does anyone else feel like this burger tastes great, but the lettuce being not perfectly in the burger would drive them nuts knowing its a bougie burger?


Adeep187 t1_j6w0wh0 wrote

Those are raw potatoes.


seebob69 t1_j6w4ive wrote

Fries appear to be a failure.


304onthefly t1_j6wnevx wrote

Can’t stand it when the patty an inch short of the bun


Moosefearssatan t1_j6wq8ml wrote

Those fries could have used another hour or two but other than that - great


ckios t1_j6xk2lj wrote

Did you boil the fries?


Doctoredspooks t1_j6xkzd0 wrote

Transparent fries are a delicacy in some regions.


M00N_Water t1_j6z2l2k wrote

What did you cook those potato wedges with? The sun?


Keffpie t1_j6w8hfv wrote

I'm sure the burger is lovely but those fried have not been destaarched and double fried; they look more like they were lightly dipped in boiling water.


Bigcoffinhunter22 t1_j6vjfzv wrote

Chef here and I think I can explain what happened and what to do next time IT looks like you prepared everything at the same time and started cooking all together so it would come out hot without blanching the potatoes before cooking and good meat like that can make amazing burgers BUT you have to remember how much more of good fat is in it over chuck meat PERSONALLY at my restaurant I do a pan hot then put the patty in and flip around when you have a good crust to keep it the juices in THEN finish in a oven till the desired cooked level


Bigcoffinhunter22 t1_j6vl5qx wrote

With the potatoes if you are using raw cook them half way then put them in a bath of salt mostly water and a little white or apple cider vinegar for just a family you should be ready to drain and fry within twenty minutes and they will come out restaurant steakhouse style