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slayaboy87 t1_j9bchxn wrote

Crumbl are more like cookie shaped cakes


fatalrip t1_j9cpz7m wrote

They are priced like it too.


Shoopbadoopp t1_j9cuyjw wrote

Cheaper and better than Sprinkles cupcakes. I also can usually only eat half a Crumbl cookie in a single sitting.


azcherid t1_j9d9xf5 wrote

Which is good because that’s considered two servings


imthejavafox t1_j9b1f6v wrote

Crumbl is just ok


coffeebuzzbuzzz t1_j9bqiww wrote

Everyone kept telling me they're really awesome you have to try them, so my bf drove 30 minutes away to get some. I was expecting some top tier cookies but was quite disappointed. They tasted a bit bland and undercooked. Maybe I'm just used to homemade cookies.


[deleted] t1_j9c7h95 wrote



kemphasalotofkids t1_j9cddkr wrote

I don't care for them either. I applaud them for cashing in on the Apple business model though.


missprincesscarolyn t1_j9dqdam wrote

Was just going to write the same. They’re…alright. Nothing to really write home about. They’re also very, very dense and I don’t want to eat half a cookie at a time. That’s not the point of cookies! I had one last week and ate the whole thing in one sitting. Definitely regretted it immediately.


lrkt88 t1_j9drjy2 wrote

Yeah it’s just not my kind of cookie. They’re good, and I like the uniqueness of it, but I can easily say no to one so why even subject myself to that much sugar. I get much more satisfaction from a Coke.


royaldunlin t1_j9bih5g wrote

And that's what $24 in cookies looks like.


Citizen-Kang t1_j9cqkws wrote

Crumbl? They make some fancy-ass (and expensive) cookies. I have a couple very generous friends who get me a dozen for my birthday every year.


RedWolf50 t1_j9cxgiq wrote

A dozen? Do they last until your next birthday? My boss sends me 4 every quarter and I have to give them to people, lol


Citizen-Kang t1_j9cxkut wrote

No. I have one really good week and 51 sad weeks...


Jennymen18 t1_j9cqo9f wrote

Idc what anyone says. These cookies are bomb af.


padadiso t1_j9ei97q wrote

Right? You need to have them immediately once served though, and I do think the chilled cookies are subpar.

But the warm ones fresh are unbelievably good.


osum_o_posum t1_j9c4ve1 wrote

I had 3 of those 4 Friday and that chocolate cookie with the strawberry icing blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how tasty the icing was and I don’t normally enjoy fruit and chocolate together


MyNameThru t1_j9d6bwm wrote

When I had Crumbl I liked the flavors but they were a bit under baked.


FairBlackberry7870 t1_j9i121s wrote

I think they do that on purpose, I don't really care for the under cooked texture.


MyNameThru t1_j9icxz5 wrote

Yeah I'm sure they do. I like a little crisp on the outside personally, but I get the appeal of a doughy cookie, too.


friendly-sardonic t1_j9d16gi wrote

Of the four we got, the weirdest one we got was excellent, the three “safe bets” were only so so. So I say go for the weird ones 😂


Khronzo t1_j9d73bp wrote

Exactly, had a Strawberry shortcake one that has been my favorite so far.


FairBlackberry7870 t1_j9ckgnq wrote

Crumbl is good, the haters commenting here just want to be contrarian and feel special. I'd say they are a bit over priced though. The cookie that has the cherry almond frosting is unbelievably delicious.


barrymyhoginher_ t1_j9d8n1u wrote

I feel like their hype has come to an end


SafetyMan35 t1_j9dws1a wrote

Agreed. A store opened less than a year ago near us and there was always a line out the door. By the end of the summer, the stores were dead. They are expanding like crazy. My guess in under 5 years they will file for bankruptcy.


barrymyhoginher_ t1_j9dxtya wrote

They are Mediocre at best. And not at all worth the price of each cookie.


azcherid t1_j9d9v85 wrote

I don’t think they are that great. They taste raw, and I love that they ask for a tip for no customer service other than boxing and handing me my cookies. Literally no eye contact. My friend loves them so I get them for her


ovalteenjenkinzz t1_j9c7lxh wrote

Respectfully, crumbl is trash and the company has somehow only stayed alive because of influencers.


evanirl t1_j9dhgax wrote

My wife and I got this exact same box of 4 on Friday! That cheesecake one is bomb


TBODB t1_j9cw206 wrote

Thats my favoriteeeee


holdholdhold t1_j9d924c wrote

I’m glad you mentioned this. I’ve gotten them through work or events, and sometimes it’s a little questionable. There is a difference between just chewy, and underbaked. I still ate them of course.


xcommando t1_j9dnmfz wrote

I'm not a fan of the dough, or maybe how much they use? The frostings ( especially the cream cheese ones though) are pretty amazing usually


chickensofwow t1_j9dpgzr wrote

Got crumbl for the first time today and friends, the cinnamon toast crunch one was very meh from one stranger to another i would not recommend it. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty good though, as was the birthday cake one.

I have only had bites so far i did not actually eat 3 whole cookies and they were split.


Lissypooh628 t1_j9eiqjk wrote

I picked up a 4 pack the other day! The same ones except instead of chocolate chip, I got the m&m ones. Brought them to a family event and they were devoured.


Neradomir t1_j9ej3gh wrote

The second on the right looks like Hungarian gulash


Gazza_s_89 t1_j9eko95 wrote

The one on the left looks like a Woolworths mud cake


dclancy01 t1_j9eqhc3 wrote

Chocolate Caramel Fudge?

#that’s my favourite


joodoos t1_j9f17sc wrote

Literally the most overrated garbage cookies ever. They use cake mixes in them and undercook all of them. Not worth 1/8th the price they charge. YUCK. Crumbl cookies suck.


smiley199 t1_j9geud0 wrote

On my god these are beautiful❤️ Recipe please


dustabor t1_j9by8f9 wrote

I’m sorry


icanlickmyunibrow t1_j9dgamq wrote

All by yourself? Thats amazing! Now, go get some crayons and circle of paper and draw a picture of your favourite animal!