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SigmaSixShooter t1_ja5ksdw wrote

Man, I got to spend two weeks in Brazil and the campus I was on for work had a vendor that sold these. They were one of my favorite things :)


ninjabortles t1_ja5x5w3 wrote

Costco sells a frozen version called Brazzi Bites that are pretty good.


btribble t1_ja60o9t wrote

You can find other imported varieties as well. Some of them have some very, very funky cheese in them.


Indifferentchildren t1_ja79j2s wrote

The Brazzi Bites, and the same company's pepperoni version (also available at Costco), are also gluten free.


Veilpiercer69 t1_ja5sjij wrote

some of my favorite thing in the whole wide world.


cynicaloptimissus t1_ja8dqsn wrote

I had them for the first time a couple days ago at a Brazilian steakhouse and it was hard not to eat them exclusively. So fucking good.


DJ__Hanzel t1_ja6hh8z wrote

The one in the center looks like a whale that's super happy it just stuck the landing.


Aesecakes t1_ja6fksc wrote

I went to Brazil once and Pão de Queijo was one of many fond memories I have from the trip. Edit - and also that if you misprounce pão, it's a bit rude


Yogicabump t1_ja6mzcx wrote

.... also shows you have bad hygiene.

I will graciously refrain from explaining this.


Downtown_Skill t1_ja7cli6 wrote

Studied in Brazil for a year and I know exactly what you mean. It's the first "mispronunciation" I was taught about


ApricotGinger t1_ja6uhua wrote

I've updooted your comment for the correct name of this dish, and I'm really happy I've never said it to someone who knew it correctly. I would throw an "n" at the end of Pão. This is one of the best bread dishes known to the taste buds and now I'll say it correctly, thank you!


Oakcamp t1_ja7c9qx wrote

Despite the name, it actually isn't bread


alle_kinder t1_ja8x4ns wrote

It is absolutely a quick bread with a drop batter.


duendeacdc t1_ja6ce4w wrote

im from Brazil and i got these like every day.even bad quality ones are amazing


lenet8 t1_ja575mz wrote



Extra_Past1148 OP t1_ja5jp47 wrote

Here's a simplified recipe. In Brazil it's made by hand and it's not liquid but the texture is very similar.


Stingray191 t1_ja6ny6o wrote

What makes them puff up? Is it a property of the tapioca flour?


zeroniusrex t1_ja6rcy6 wrote

The steam created from baking will leaven dough, as will eggs. :)


girvent_13 t1_ja6d46x wrote

They look amazing. You should try using Brazilian Canastra Cheese, it's one our best and most prestigious cheese.

If you find it to use on Pão de Queijo (cheese bread), do not buy it full-hard and neither too fresh, the midway between those two points is the perfect to cook with, that's an amazing tip from my grandmother wich grew up close to where this kind of cheese is mostly made (Minas Gerais)


lynwinn t1_ja6rmjy wrote

Making pao de queijo in a muffin/cupcake pan is a crime. Source: am from the state famous for it


ApricotGinger t1_ja6umvj wrote

My immediate response was "Wow, in that dish? I can't believe they look that good!"


lynwinn t1_ja6roq7 wrote

Canastra can’t legally be sold outside of MG, let alone the country. It had a landmark status


femalenerdish t1_ja6k8ua wrote

Minas has the best food


girvent_13 t1_ja6kxhi wrote

Minas has the best food, Rio Grande do Sul the best barbeque, Rio de Janeiro the best feijoada, the north the most bizarre foods, northeast, Minas and Goias the best sweets and São Paulo have all of the above because those people like to come to live here for some reason


Oakcamp t1_ja7ce3b wrote

Paraná feijoada is leagues above Rio's... not even close


jasoomian t1_ja7sz66 wrote

I spent a few weeks in Brazil for work a few years ago, all I think about is the food. Especially Feijoada.


Oakcamp t1_ja7tq9f wrote

We have a lot of problems in the country... but damn do I miss the food

Edit: btw, wherever you are in the world, there is very likely a brazillian shop in or around your city that does feijoada in the weekends. Feel free to pm me and I can help look for one nearby


Harmagedd0n t1_ja6y2ml wrote

Or for the lazy People among us. Buy a package of 'yoki pao de queijo' on amazon or so. Just add your favorite cheese and water, mix and put in the oven!


WalyLama t1_ja96ee4 wrote

When cheese flavored gummy bears and dinner rolls collide.


TuringC0mplete t1_ja6k6po wrote

These are super easy to make and are super tasty. Gonna add the ingredients to my shopping list now so I can make them this week xD


green_print_business t1_ja7a5gv wrote

Known as Pão de queijo in Brazil.It is most probably most export food of Brazil. It is so yummy. My mouth fills with water after watching this.


Gobug2006 t1_ja7otwe wrote

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️=bread in middle


Ph0n1k t1_ja86fld wrote

Uk people, it seems to be a cheesy yorshire pudding


alle_kinder t1_ja8xhh8 wrote

Nah, not at all. It's a drop dough and not a batter; it's also made with tapioca flour so there is no puffy inside from gluten structuring. They're much closer to a tapioca gougere and it's actually not very usual to cook them in muffin tins.


Ph0n1k t1_ja8xxxf wrote

ive bought a packet mix :). ive been to several shops and cant tfind any the tapioca flour.


alle_kinder t1_ja93cqh wrote

Right, but they're still not like cheesy Yorkshire puddings lmao. If your dough is a batter, you're adding way too much liquid.


vlealf t1_ja8b6fx wrote

this is “pão de queijo”


pasher5620 t1_ja8quhh wrote

Wish I could get mine to be that fluffy. They always seem to deflate. Tastes correct though so it’s fine in that regard


olive-bernie t1_ja8tluj wrote

OMG! I've been trying to figure out what these were for so long!! I tried them in FL like 9yrs ago, i loved em, and didn't know what they were. Thanks!