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ccncwby OP t1_j9ttj7e wrote

I think people mistakingly use MSG like salt, but the thing is salt has its own very strong flavour. The same thing cannot be said for MSG so it's very hard to use "too much". Instead of imparting it's own flavour into food, it tends to make existing flavours "richer" if that makes sense?

There is definitely a trick to knowing when to use it, and that's if your dish would be improved by having richer/heartier flavours. As to how much, just taste and adjust until it's however you want it to be. Food and flavours are often a personal thing so there's no single right answer 😊


Surtock t1_j9tx5wi wrote

I add it to a few dishes when I remember to. I use it sparingly bc I don't want to throw anything out and have to start a new dinner, usually. I do taste as I go, but I worry that the flavor will become more pronounced as this dish comes together or that my taste buds are simply dead compared to my partners. I'm going all in next time!