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bored_at_the_wheel OP t1_j9kd3ki wrote


Blanching the octopus is actually quite easy.

1: In a large pot of near simmering water, add a hefty pinch of salt and 1/2 cup or more of quality olive oil.

2: Taking a whole cleaned and rinsed octopus, massage with a generous pinch of salt. Dip the octopus in your pot of water till the tentacles are just beginning to curl.

3: Submerge octopus fully and let cook for 1 1/2 hours, depending on the weight of your octopus. Mine was chopstick tender after one hour and twenty minutes.

4: Remove from pot, and let octopus cool to room temperature. Pan fry medium high in butter one minute each side or until GBD. During this step you can add any other seasoning you may desire, squeeze of lemon, pepper, spices, fresh herbs, ect. I kept mine very simple with just salt and pepper.

Cilantro Lime sauce:

1: Add to a blender

1 cup cultured sour cream

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp water

Juice and zest of 1 lime

2 garlic cloves

1/2 cup green onion

1 cup cilantro (I don't mind the stems because this will be blended and they'll give it a really bright green color)

Pinch of salt

2 whole seeded and sliced jalapenos (I keep the seeds cause I like the heat)

2: Blend till smooth, store in the fridge till ready for plating.

Maduros! (Fried plantains)

2-3 plantains

1-2 inches of oil, I use avocado and vegetable oil (enough to come half way up the sides of your plantain slices as you pan fry them)


1: Skip this step if you have ripe plantains Since I didn't want to wait for my plantains to ripen I baked them in the oven at 300 for 20 minutes. You may need to go longer but what you're looking for is a nearly pitch black exterior.

2: Peel your plantains, I scoop out slices with a spoon to give them a slightly rounded edge. You can also cut them on a bias.

3: Heat oil on medium heat, lay plantain slices in pan, shake pan gently please don't burn yourself. fry 2 minutes each side. I like mine a really deep caramelized brown color so it's more like 4-6 minutes a side for me.

4: remove plantains from heat once desired color is achieved and sprinkle with salt. (Pro gamer move I brush them with a little Hoisin, then sprinkle salt. Completely optional)



You_sure_bout_thatsY t1_j9kv17d wrote

Its fucked up we eat octupi. They're insanely smart.


bored_at_the_wheel OP t1_j9kygt6 wrote

If they're so smart then why are octopuses so delicious. Checkmate Cthulhu.


CalligrapherEvery447 t1_j9na4u2 wrote

The octopus looks wonderful! it must be delicious.


bored_at_the_wheel OP t1_j9nb626 wrote

Thank you! I'm a big fan, they're amazing creatures. And so very delicious.


IIIpl4sm4III t1_j9nfg1d wrote

Can't find them anywhere though, and quite expensive.


bored_at_the_wheel OP t1_j9njkb6 wrote

This seems to be a common sentiment. If you have an international market I implore you to ask if they can put an order in for you. They're expensive for sure. But at 4 dollars a pound (for me at least, I'm in the Midwest US), I find them to be more affordable than quality steak cuts. I'll pray you find a plug 🙏


3DJayB t1_j9m0v9n wrote

Wish I could get some octopus where I am


bored_at_the_wheel OP t1_j9m2dx9 wrote

I live out in the Midwest, my international grocer just happens to stock it frozen. If you can source it I highly recommend it. Cheers ✌️


3DJayB t1_j9m9v1s wrote

Tiny town central Canada would have to order frozen online


Skidudenordic t1_j9mg3id wrote

Your area has ethics? What a shame!


3DJayB t1_j9mu7ad wrote

Lol no just lack of any range of imported goods


Massive_Season7075 t1_j9l4fz6 wrote

The post above this one was a gif of a octopus hatching. How charming.