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drewismynamea t1_j8bfmxb wrote



stayawayfrommeinfj OP t1_j8bfu0h wrote

It’s cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, peanut butter, and chopped Reese’s cups. I think cheese balls are a Midwest thing 😂


PerserveringLove05 t1_j8bkns6 wrote

I can like it now that I know it's cream cheese


n0t1imah032101 t1_j8cccdr wrote

I was imagining just a ball of cheddar at the center of this...


herebecauseimhungry t1_j8cjpzl wrote

Would like to try this with cheddar


notquitecockney t1_j8cls8j wrote

I want it with brunost …


TheThreeMuscleteers t1_j8d44y8 wrote

Wait, brunost is a thing outside of the Nordics?


notquitecockney t1_j8d47io wrote

Ha ha. No. It’s not a thing outside Norway afaik.

But I buy it in London.


TheThreeMuscleteers t1_j8d4ira wrote

It's sort of a thing in Sweden and Denmark as well, not sure about Finland. Just had no idea it was available anywhere else, the more you know.


notquitecockney t1_j8d4l3q wrote

It’s not actually available in London, I think I’ve seen it at one cheese store and mostly at the scandi shop.


sabrooooo t1_j8e8hoq wrote

Right? Let me take back my downvote and upvote it lol


drewismynamea t1_j8bn3vq wrote

It's a dessert cheese ball, hahahaha!


stayawayfrommeinfj OP t1_j8bnxym wrote

I made a savory one for new years. It was cream cheese, cheddar, ranch and bacon


stylish_aggie t1_j8buwi3 wrote

Yeah see, thats something along the lines of whay I'm familiar with. Only had it tried it once ir twice. Never even considered a dessert cheeseball, that's awesome.


optidave1313 t1_j8bi4z4 wrote

Yeah, the "cheese" and not "cream cheese" threw us. Sounds really interesting and tasty.


MorriePoppins t1_j8cs843 wrote

Maybe a Southern thing, too. We know all cheese balls are not savory!

EDIT: absolutely flabbergasted by the number of replies that are either unfamiliar with dessert cheese balls or with cheesecake as a concept in general lol


ConnieLingus24 t1_j8dbyyv wrote

What is the delivery system for the “cheese”? Cookies?

Nm: you mentioned it’s nilla wafers or Graham crackers.


bigfootmydog t1_j8eapg8 wrote

Woah woah woah the Midwest does not claim this godless creation as a Michigander this is definitely something a Wisconsinite would do


stayawayfrommeinfj OP t1_j8eclaq wrote

Wisconsin is definitely part of the Midwest. So is Michigan. I’m from Minnesota and have family in Iowa and we enjoy cheese balls!


yiannistheman t1_j8ev6qm wrote

Does it basically taste like a cheesecake mixed with Reese's?


InnocentTailor t1_j8fi1zr wrote

This is more acceptable. I was thinking of…you know…other types of cheese.


JRocFuhsYoBih t1_j8fzge1 wrote

I’m from Chicago and I’ve never heard of a cheese ball like that


remberzz t1_j8bpyz8 wrote

Peanut butter, sugar, vanilla and chopped Reeses sounds good.

But with cream cheese? No, thank you.


kupofjoe t1_j8bwbdd wrote

I mean to each their own but peanut butter cheesecake is pretty banger, sounds extremely similar in taste profile, especially since OP said graham crackers were the dipping tool


remberzz t1_j8bwnmt wrote

Is peanut butter cheesecake an actual thing?!?? Yuck!!


kupofjoe t1_j8bwy8e wrote

Yes…even a lot of grocery stores will sell a variety cheesecake in their bakery section with a slice of classic, a slice of oreo or chocolate, a strawberry or cherry slice, and a peanut butter slice. Very typical flavor.


remberzz t1_j8c3zmq wrote

I've obviously led too sheltered a life.


kupofjoe t1_j8c47i4 wrote

You may have had other sweet desserts where cream cheese was a key ingredient without realizing it. Ever had red velvet or carrot cake? The white frosting is cream cheese frosting.


remberzz t1_j8c5bve wrote

Hmmm. Now I have interesting questions to explore. I love plain cream cheese. I would eat it just by itself. But I don't like fruit cream cheeses because I don't like sweetness mixed with it.

I adore carrot cake, but usually scrape off the frosting. Again not caring for the sweet cream cheese.

Not a fan of red velvet.

I make peanut sauces at home using peanut butter. I might use soy sauce, honey, ginger or any combination.

But alas, I still can't imagine peanut butter and cream cheese. No tangy peanut butter and no sweet cream cheese. I'm going to leave that for the rest of you.


Yetmcgret t1_j8bw8m7 wrote

It would only make it more like a cheesecake


Thundahcaxzd t1_j8cbhym wrote

I hate america so much


Jedimaster996 t1_j8cmksg wrote

We don't think about you at all


canadas t1_j8cqkwq wrote

You don't have to, but I bet you are paying tax dollars for military operations there to make billionaires richer while you pay the price

Maybe you should start thinking?


Thundahcaxzd t1_j8deha4 wrote

> I bet you are paying tax dollars for military operations there

they definitely are, because I am also american lol


Jedimaster996 t1_j8cr016 wrote

Pay the price for what? To go to college for free, have my healthcare and retirement taken care of for me and my family for the next 80 years after retiring at 38 in a cushy tech job that the government paid for to train me in?

Oh the humanity.


NukeWarz t1_j8d00kt wrote

what fucking america do you live in??


Jedimaster996 t1_j8doqnk wrote

Referring to the military, where that's literally been my job from experience.


TheBeanofbeans t1_j8bn47a wrote

I am officially high enough for this.


hernerrrrr t1_j8c69zx wrote

Hi officially high enough for this, I’m dad


sweet_jones t1_j8bjq08 wrote

Interesting! Is there any chance you'd post what the inside looks like?


stayawayfrommeinfj OP t1_j8bnnyc wrote

Inside of the cheeseball This is what it looks like when it’s been dug into a little bit


hanatheko t1_j8f4ams wrote

.. why is the cheese brown? Not being rude, just wondering.


stayawayfrommeinfj OP t1_j8frfz7 wrote

It’s cheese cream, powdered sugar, vanilla and peanut butter which gives it the color


DotSnk t1_j8bmlar wrote

What the fuck


caffeinejunkie123 t1_j8d6h8m wrote

Agreed. I’d have to nope out on this. But to each his own! You did a great job with the decor 👍


Sophonov t1_j8bnef6 wrote

What did you use to dip into it? Looks like it’d be really good


tkrr t1_j8cistj wrote

Everybody’s so creative!


finlyboo t1_j8buvd3 wrote

That’s enough Reddit for today


girl_canada t1_j8bxi9s wrote

Ah I see, so like a chocolate cheesecake! Makes sense now lol

*Btw chocolate cheesecakes are one of my fav


redquailer t1_j8cgl4a wrote

You did a really nice job 🟠🟡🟤


MJ_1306 t1_j8cistv wrote

thank you so much for this l will be making it tonight 💕🤩


hashtagsmcgee t1_j8cgsze wrote

This is really pleasing to look at.


BetterMetalChef t1_j8cqk93 wrote

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.


CocoBlue106 t1_j8by5n7 wrote

It looks so smooth, I almost licked my screen😋


bubennn t1_j8cgat3 wrote

Is it a cup or is it a ball? We will never know.


homelessdreamer t1_j8ch9nx wrote

The thing about Reeses Peanut butter Cup flavored things for me is that Reeses are good because of the balance of rich flavors and size. Everytime I have a Reeses flavor desert I can only eat approximately the volume of a few Reeses before the richness over comes my desire to continue. Which I find weird because I can eat a giant bag of Reeses with out issue.


ShaitanSpeaks t1_j8d0bc4 wrote

I LOVE reeces pieces and cheese, but I don’t know how I feel about this.


thecaledonianrose t1_j8dsd0s wrote

You are one incredibly patient person, OP - not sure I'd have the wherewithal to place all of those candies.


Adventurous_Crazy335 t1_j8c236b wrote

cheese as a dessert is quite interesting for me (unique combination).


anubis647 t1_j8dj2z4 wrote

Just in case you were confused like some others in the replies, it's cream cheese like in a cheesecake, not cheddar or something.


FnkyTown t1_j8cbwej wrote

I'm not suicidal, but this just might kill me.


lopedopenope t1_j8ce1ut wrote

I would hate having to place those so bad. Then mess it up in the process of switching out colors.


UnHairyDude t1_j8ckwl0 wrote

If I eat this, I'm afraid that I'm gonna scream and run around the house all day long.


Adeno t1_j8cu8eo wrote

Very cute and perfect!


RaddyBaddy t1_j8dcnf3 wrote

Listen... You gotta hear me out...



exceptionthrown t1_j8dnux7 wrote

The Sonic the Hedgehog bonus "3d" zones were a lot of fun!


Piggy-love-45 t1_j8fg8ng wrote

And thus the quote from John Tron one of each please


polomarkopolo t1_j8fotza wrote

You had me in the first half… not gonna lie


RiverS0ng21 t1_j8hdzql wrote

Is so pretty! No but really... That is super satisfying just to look at. It's perfection. Well done!


BatmansBigBro2017 t1_j8c0xi0 wrote

Reminds me of that episode of Star Trek: TOS with Clint Howard.


dextrovix t1_j8d3010 wrote

And for someone like me with a bit of OCD, I love the symmetry!


hanatheko t1_j8f45ym wrote

Why is the cheese brown? Is it flavored?


Adeep187 t1_j8c80h1 wrote

What the fuck?

How do you eat this?

I value the effort into the pattern, it's so lined up.


anubis647 t1_j8diyss wrote

You would dip cookies or graham crackers into it and scoop the cream cheese base. There are also savory ones and you generally use crackers. It's kind of like a dip.


Veltoc t1_j8c1vuj wrote