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remberzz t1_j8c3zmq wrote

I've obviously led too sheltered a life.


kupofjoe t1_j8c47i4 wrote

You may have had other sweet desserts where cream cheese was a key ingredient without realizing it. Ever had red velvet or carrot cake? The white frosting is cream cheese frosting.


remberzz t1_j8c5bve wrote

Hmmm. Now I have interesting questions to explore. I love plain cream cheese. I would eat it just by itself. But I don't like fruit cream cheeses because I don't like sweetness mixed with it.

I adore carrot cake, but usually scrape off the frosting. Again not caring for the sweet cream cheese.

Not a fan of red velvet.

I make peanut sauces at home using peanut butter. I might use soy sauce, honey, ginger or any combination.

But alas, I still can't imagine peanut butter and cream cheese. No tangy peanut butter and no sweet cream cheese. I'm going to leave that for the rest of you.