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thaboognish t1_jaaiz9y wrote

As a Philly native, I'd eat it.


Ignorhymus t1_jacl0lg wrote

Exactly. Is it "authentic"? No.

Is it delicious? Yes, it's steak and cheese, of course it's delicious.

(On a side note, English mustard is the bomb. Goes great in steak and cheese, burgers, hot dogs etc etc)


BitPoet t1_jad1wyg wrote

Yep, maybe with some onions and more cheese to get the profile closer. I'm interested in the mustard/brown sauce combo, though. Baguette looks like a great way to go.


NYCmob79 t1_jad3ugs wrote

Anything but Cheese Wiz! :P

Also, nothing beats Delessandro's!