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DUTCH1977 t1_j9hbyqn wrote

I love the way Beans is licking their lips while Forked Pork is looking over Bacon Mac's sholder at whatever you have on those plates


meatybone OP t1_j9hevzx wrote

I call her (the one licking her lips) Beans all the time as a nickname 😆


Takeapotato t1_j9je9is wrote

I was literally about to say cool dog names, what did you make?


Jumpin-Jebus t1_j9jriet wrote

I hope the pups got a taste!


Vindepomarus t1_j9kffge wrote

I think the three paper plates with no bread have the puppers names on them (well I hope so).


Herkfixer t1_j9i7ol1 wrote

Never hear of pulled pork being called forked pork... Just sounds dirty...


Lerxstish t1_j9hc115 wrote

“Just step away from the table and no one gets hurt”


WASE1449 t1_j9hz4l9 wrote

Beans looks really excited like he can't wait much longer. Forked pork and Bacon Mac look so focused. Good pups


Seandeezeee t1_j9ifz06 wrote

Those are odd names for your dogs...


mymentor79 t1_j9jc3by wrote

Also concerning that they were homemade. Begs some questions.


bravnot t1_j9hw7da wrote

I have lived in a lot of places and never heard it called forked pork. I'm guessing southeast? Carolina's maybe?


Scottywin t1_j9i3b4z wrote

Canada here and only ever heard this called pulled pork.


dishonestly_ t1_j9l8brz wrote

Never heard that in the Carolinas. It's all pulled pork or chopped pork.


SharpieBass t1_j9hlf1n wrote

Don’t take your eyes off them little buggers. They have the same look in their eyes that my mastiff did before I turned my head for two seconds and she ate about a 1/2lb of butter from our dinner table.

Not a fun couple of days for me after that. 🤮

P.s. The food looks excellent!


finindthrow t1_j9is3oi wrote

Yep, it was chicken korma for mine. It was an expensive experience.


MundaneSITEE t1_j9ijugv wrote

This is a real family dinner! for a delicious bon appetite.


nervemiester t1_j9hm85u wrote

Beans (the baked kind on the plates) and my dog's GI tract would ABSOLUTELY not mix well. God bless you and your dogs!


meatybone OP t1_j9hmsz3 wrote

They are usually fine with them. It's me they're gonna have to worry about 🤭


prentz9 t1_j9itwpk wrote

Looks like you’re going to have a fight on your hands


Macbethforking t1_j9j7jz7 wrote

Bacon mac seems to be the leader of the mopey blinders here.


archerV34 t1_j9jllm6 wrote

Your dogs eat better than I do


Cornp0ppp t1_j9jv9dc wrote

Isn’t it pulled pork? Either way , can I be a dog at your house?


Joansz t1_j9kalo4 wrote

That photo immediately made me think of the scene in Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story" where the neighbors dogs ran off with the Parker's Christmas roasted turkey.


BlueRidgeBandolero t1_j9kfqx4 wrote

LOL your dogs. the gang is like you either give it to us or you give it to us.


xiphoidthorax t1_j9l29sn wrote

Like the weeping angels, don’t blink!


ACrask t1_j9l37zc wrote

I promise those paper plates will be either half gone or completely gone when they’re done


cloudtwelvy t1_j9l81qv wrote

Bacon mac is lookin so focused while my boy forked pork on the left just wants some of that delicious lookin food.


Juncti t1_j9lmldf wrote

Each dog gets their own plate lol


Elmodogg t1_j9lsugg wrote

Your dogs are well trained! I wouldn't trust mine if he could reach the table.


I_trust_science t1_j9m5v7t wrote

I have forked my pork. Bought bear claws but don’t use them.


meatybone OP t1_j9m6d6m wrote

I have a set too but I rather just use 2 big forks. They sure cashed in on the novelty of it 😆 Might be more useful for a restaurant, but for 1 roast its overkill


froggygun t1_j9nv24i wrote

Could ye share some. That looks yummy :)


----Zenith---- t1_j9hlxk3 wrote

If that were my old dog this food would’ve been gone before the flash went off.


ainsleyadams t1_j9hs2c9 wrote

Please tell me you shared with the poochums <3


Edit: I found my answer and I am pumped. OP, you rock.


desastrousclimax t1_j9ixlo8 wrote

the dogs faces tell it took you way too long to get this ready. lol

love your posts!


zeZakPMT t1_j9jfzkd wrote

Upvote for tabasco


JeremyFuckinIrons t1_j9kqebw wrote

Careful giving things with onions / garlic to dogs.


MattDLR t1_j9kx8x3 wrote

What the dogs doin


Squall-UK t1_j9lgoyi wrote

Are the other three players for your digs? How come only one has a bun? Why forked pork and not pulled pork? Is there a difference?

Like delicious regardless.


seaspirit331 t1_j9lk4v5 wrote

Those dogs' farts are going to be atrocious


ConnieRob t1_j9hcvgq wrote

Those puppers are so ready for dinner. It looks fantastic, can’t blame them :)


jabrahssicpark t1_j9hg892 wrote

Are the paper plates for the puppies? If so, you are a wonderful person, OP


plomerosKTBFFH t1_j9i2uhd wrote

I mean, it's honestly not that good for dogs to eat human food with all it's additives and stuff. They'll eat almost anything gladly, but it's not necessarily good for them.


meatybone OP t1_j9ig4gz wrote

Its just a special treat. Although I do cook for them daily, most of their meals don't look very appetizing


BzztYeow t1_j9izxla wrote

I soo want to give my dog the stuff I cook, but besides the garlic and onion I use in almost everything being bad for our girl, we have a schnauzer! Must be very careful about fats or they get pancreatitis! I have to admit to giving her a super small taste when I think I can get away with it.


jabrahssicpark t1_j9i5z19 wrote

I am not on Reddit to be lectured but thanks


plomerosKTBFFH t1_j9jbhfy wrote

Ok. Well if it helps someone care for their dog better that's all that matters.


BuiXuanyu t1_j9i083g wrote

well im looking at the dog hahaha