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_W1T3W1N3_ t1_jacsbz7 wrote

They all taste like beef, but they each have their different texture, fat content and accentuated flavors. Prime Rib is softer and more succulent than Roast Beef but similar, and Filet Mignon is softer and more succulent than Rib Eye but similar. Rib Eye is juicier and fatter than any of them. Sirloin Steak is stringier and less juicy than Rib Eye. Ribs are stringy, fatty and juicy.

All of them could be chewy if done too quickly. Yes steak (Sirloin, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon) can be cooked fast searing it 4-minutes on each side per inch or something like that, but ribs and roasts (Prime Rib, Roast Beef, Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs) and etc. should be cooked low and long something like 375^o F 30-minutes to sear and then 275^o F for 1:30 to 2:30 hours, even up to 6:00 hours at 200-250^o F or until 135-145^o F internal temperature.

The elongated cooking time actually goes from a rubbery swelled chewy meat to at some point it breaks the meat fibers down and they become soft and succulent.

I have not tried all this yet I am just getting started cooking. I’ve only made 1 Beef Roast so far it was amazing. The biggest thing is to invest in an oven safe meat thermometer that you can stick in the meat. And what I do is rather than keep the meat in the fridge and let it go rancid or in the freezer which actually is reasonably fine I’ve resolved to have a roast or something on the day I go shopping. That way I can pick out the best meat and it needs to reach room temperature anyway before cooking so I prepare it right away getting home and it was f—ing amazing. The meat can then be frozen and sliced for quick meals. And if you factor in the actual meal cost by dividing its total cost by the number of meals you can get $2.50-$6.00 meals that will defeat any fast food restaurant to smithereens.