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purpletib t1_jab8ys9 wrote

You can buy it hot too. Also great on pepperoni pizza.


GhostBurger12 t1_jabjqz1 wrote

People that insist ham & pineapple is bad, but jump at the chance for sweet & savory other ways.


spacetimecat t1_jac3oeh wrote

I guess my problem with pineapple and ham is not the taste, but the texture. Cause I have no problems if there's some pineapple juice on the glaze, but I'm just not a fan of actual pineapple.


GhostBurger12 t1_jacquj9 wrote

Crushed pineapple is no good, and even canned pineapple pieces are no good for being too big.

Pineapple "just right" is ~ 1/2, lengthwise, of a piece of precut pineapple. You also want it on top of the cheese so it can dehydrate more & maybe get a little colour.

Pineapple also brings acidity which helps open up the other flavors on the pizza.

To step up your pineapple pizza, you want capocollo instead of boring ham.

It's like your "hot honey", except it is spicy delicious ham & complex sweet & acid pineapple.