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Sayoria t1_jdztymi wrote

Omg, don't do this to me.


beforecomedy t1_je0d1b3 wrote

Biscoffs are my favorite part of airplane traveling. This looks and sounds amazing!!


CockRingKing t1_je1cqbj wrote

I had one for the first time on a flight last year, I understood the popularity after that!


tittymcfartbag t1_je1hk1h wrote

Same, had it on a flight earlier this year, came home and immediately hit up Target looking for them.


e_muaddib t1_je2ngg7 wrote

Target also carries the stroopwaffles some airlines carry.

If you’re unaware, they’re two, thin waffle crisps with caramel in between them. If you get a cup of coffee, they instruct you to place the stroopwaffle on top of the cup so the steam melts the caramel 😋


Dr_Wristy t1_je30gok wrote

Wife is from Holland, can confirm stroopwafel are legit. Poffertjes too.


cool_side_of_pillow t1_je1xxre wrote

They’re sold at Costco!

Sorry. ;)


SuicidalChair t1_je2i1qw wrote

For anybody in Alberta, Canada they sell them and Cookie butter at the Italian centre shops.


scottyis_blunt t1_je2plga wrote

They also go on sale a lot too! Seriously though, love these cookies and buy em at Costco fairly regularly.


beforecomedy t1_je2ppfo wrote

Hmm, might be the only reason I would get a membership to a grocery store 🤔


TestizioBallzini t1_je2oww6 wrote

You need to run, not walk, run right now to Trader Joe’s and buy yourself a jar of speculous cookie butter.

The running is necessary to help offset the thousands of extra calories you’ll be introducing into your diet but it’s very worth it.


beforecomedy t1_je2pivt wrote

Last summer I ate a biscoff cookie butter ice cream from a local creamery and I've thought about it at least once a day since then. I am sprinting 🏃‍♀️


oreocookielover t1_je60y3q wrote

I tell everyone I know heading on a plane to grab a biscoff if they have it lol.

Literally my number 1 tip for flying.


timok t1_je0vnnc wrote

It's speculoos. Biscoff is a marketing term. Sorry, but biscoff is a trigger for Belgian and Dutch people.


animavivere OP t1_je148qm wrote

I know, I'm Belgian. I only used the term biscoff because I thought that was what it was called in English. Guess I was wrong. Speculoos or nothing!


Ithxero t1_je1wlch wrote

As an American, if you didn’t put Biscoff, I wouldn’t have known. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Asiageek t1_je2iel9 wrote

I’d prefer speculaas over speculoos anytime. But not sure if that would work in a cheesecake.


animavivere OP t1_je3mn3n wrote

Honestly, you'd be surprised. I think the tric is to find the right creamcheese. If it has too much flavor it's going to overpower the flavor of the speculaas.


Asiageek t1_je3nrtb wrote

Just saw your other speculoos cake, that one looks amazing (not that this one isn’t also great). I do miss speculaas since I can only get Lotus here.


animavivere OP t1_je3op20 wrote

You know, there are recipies online on how to make your own...


Asiageek t1_je3pbhq wrote

Yeah I do make my own blend of speculaas spices but it’s quite a lot of work gif

I’m curious tho, what do Belgians call speculaas? Almost every English recipe says speculoos is the Belgian name of speculaas while it’s really a different blend of spices.


animavivere OP t1_je3ra07 wrote

Honestly, I'm not sure. I know it has something to do with the spices. But I also think it has to do with where it was made.


AdmirablePissDrinker t1_je66qf7 wrote

>I thought that was what it was called in English

you thought right, i've only ever heard it referred to as biscoff cake here in england


Thricela t1_je0y89v wrote

Came here to say this. I still am mildly furious I can't buy lotus speculoosjes anymore


sobayspearo t1_je0ydw0 wrote

Is someone going to link the "It's made out of cookies....." video or am I going to have to do it myself?


dieek t1_je3hbnx wrote

Immediately what I thought of.


MercyReign t1_jdzulls wrote

Recipe please ?


animavivere OP t1_jdzv4ns wrote

It's easy

Crunch 220gr of biscoff and mix with 60gr of melted butter. Create the base of your cake with it, flatten it out nice and evenly

Take 500gr of creamcheese, mix with 150gr of biscoffspread and 100gr of icing sugar. Mix until smooth.

Spread the mixture over your base and top it of with melted biscoffspread.

Refrigerate for 3 hours and decorate.

Piece of advice use baking paper on the sides of your cakeform or it'll be one sticky business.


MercyReign t1_jdzvawo wrote

Thank you


animavivere OP t1_je14p4r wrote

If you're interested: I also made a speculooscake without the cheese thing. I uploaded a picture a week or two ago.


krombopulousnathan t1_je313yv wrote

Which one do you think was better between the two?


animavivere OP t1_je3mwej wrote

I prefer the other one but only because I have digestive issues which make a cheesecake a bit of a challenge for me to digest.


RunninOnMT t1_je090wu wrote


I’ve been making homemade ice cream sandwiches with biscoff cookies/strawberry ice cream. They key is you have to let them sit in the freezer for a couple of weeks to get the right consistency. But good lord are they delicious.


Wanderment t1_je2wotf wrote

Teach me your secrets for self-control


RunninOnMT t1_je2ysdv wrote

The first time it was an accident (I forgot about them.)

I pretty much only make them when I leave to go on vacation now, so I won't be able to get to them for a week or two. I too lack self control, I just make up for it with strategy and tactics!!


cannotfoolowls t1_je1gvjh wrote

Here in Belgium (where biscoff comes frome) the bottom layer of cheesecake is usually made of biscoff .


mimimemi58 t1_je2maar wrote

Here in the US (where I come from) we would typically use something called "honey grahams", which are like biscoff except with a tiny bit less cinnamon and not quite as... I'm not sure how to describe it but maybe if you took biscoff out of the oven about 1 minute earlier than you would normally, you'd have honey grahams. There's a kind of darkness or smokiness or something like that in biscoff that isn't in grahams.


Turakamu t1_je2pbqv wrote

There is the broken part of me, after watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, that says the name of food in the voice of the food replicator if it looks really good


CanIHazSumCheeseCake t1_je0ix0r wrote

Damn, that looks deeeelicious


animavivere OP t1_je0j5b0 wrote

Oh believe me, it is delicious. But if you make it, don't eat too much of it in one go because it sits a little heavy on the stomach.


Logicrazy12 t1_je117m1 wrote

I literally just finished a pack of these 5 minutes ago. Now I want another XD.


Bitchin_badger88 t1_je18biy wrote

Oh wow now I feel the need to get the box from Costco and make pie crusts and stuff with it


_myeyesarecircles t1_je1ebds wrote

Imagine having to share this with people. I could inhale it in one sitting without a second thought. Great job!


RogueDevlin t1_je1lmu8 wrote

I only recently discovered Biscoff and it's one of the most delicious things I've ever had. i might actually try to make this one day.


rugerscout308 t1_je1u4en wrote

Holy shit jesus that sounds incredible


Wozar t1_je3ouev wrote

God damn! I can smell this picture over the internet and it smells good!


drunkanidaho t1_je168gl wrote

These cookies are my favorite part of flying


FajenThygia t1_je240kv wrote

My jaw actually dropped. Nicely done.


ArtyGolfer_3353 t1_je2a7k8 wrote

I only discovered Biscoff this year. Two packages a week from then on. That cake looks killer!


TerribleEnglish1 t1_je17eud wrote

Great. Now I need to get some Lotus. YOU HAPPY?!


animavivere OP t1_je18s41 wrote

Very! If you need anymore encouragment please go look at my speculooscake I made a week or 2 ago. It's in my posthistory.


x2FrostFire t1_je18soz wrote

I am now looking up biscoff cheesecake recipes thanks


animavivere OP t1_je191jx wrote

There's an easy one on facebook but I don't know how to link it. I also posted the reipe in the comments somewhere.


k1intt t1_je1ceur wrote

About to American Pie that pie…


grunkage t1_je25odp wrote

What the fuuuuuu


NonbinaryLazarus t1_je2f3da wrote

My husband made this for Christmas and it was so fucking good I stg


Chris20nyy t1_je2laqf wrote

Looks like bisc on cheesecake to me.


doublehelixman t1_je3h8dx wrote

I read “Biscoff Cheesesteak” and thought it was some kind of AI generated recipe at first.


Van1004 t1_je3ib2o wrote

I love Bicoff dunked in black coffee.


animavivere OP t1_je3mzqk wrote

Speculoos dunked in coffee... You just described heaven to me.


bloodnlore t1_je3sgug wrote

This looks delishus. Be sure to save me a corner.


havaska t1_je48p3s wrote

I’d love to know why they renamed it from speculoos to biscoff in English speaking countries.


heifer27 t1_je4av3c wrote

Seriously, this is my dream dessert.


Abrahamlinkenssphere t1_je4cd1x wrote

I’m glad you posted this a day ago and it’s likely all gone now because I would’ve traded you my soul for it.


thatnicholin02 t1_je596ye wrote

yo i know it looks so fkn good dude but how does it taste? and how much for a slice?


animavivere OP t1_je5agmv wrote

It tastes divine but there's no charge for a slice.