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animavivere OP t1_je148qm wrote

Reply to comment by timok in [homemade] biscoff-cheesecake by animavivere

I know, I'm Belgian. I only used the term biscoff because I thought that was what it was called in English. Guess I was wrong. Speculoos or nothing!


Ithxero t1_je1wlch wrote

As an American, if you didn’t put Biscoff, I wouldn’t have known. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Asiageek t1_je2iel9 wrote

I’d prefer speculaas over speculoos anytime. But not sure if that would work in a cheesecake.


animavivere OP t1_je3mn3n wrote

Honestly, you'd be surprised. I think the tric is to find the right creamcheese. If it has too much flavor it's going to overpower the flavor of the speculaas.


Asiageek t1_je3nrtb wrote

Just saw your other speculoos cake, that one looks amazing (not that this one isn’t also great). I do miss speculaas since I can only get Lotus here.


animavivere OP t1_je3op20 wrote

You know, there are recipies online on how to make your own...


Asiageek t1_je3pbhq wrote

Yeah I do make my own blend of speculaas spices but it’s quite a lot of work gif

I’m curious tho, what do Belgians call speculaas? Almost every English recipe says speculoos is the Belgian name of speculaas while it’s really a different blend of spices.


animavivere OP t1_je3ra07 wrote

Honestly, I'm not sure. I know it has something to do with the spices. But I also think it has to do with where it was made.


AdmirablePissDrinker t1_je66qf7 wrote

>I thought that was what it was called in English

you thought right, i've only ever heard it referred to as biscoff cake here in england