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_W1T3W1N3_ t1_jdxkf6b wrote

Reply to comment by bobke4 in [i ate] Pho by nomaddopamine

Vietnamese soup and coffee— The best.

Thai stir fry— The best.

Chinese comfort food (sweet & sour, General Tsao’s, etc.)— The best.

They each have their own strength.

There was also a Chinese Shabu Shabu restaurant (which is Mongolian soup) that was superb on par with Phò for sure.


bucketassrabbit t1_jdxxrdk wrote

fyi, Phò is actually the word for prostitute. Phở is what you’re looking for. or you don’t need to add an accent, we can understand!

i find it so funny when i see foreigners make that mistake on this word, though i love it.


_W1T3W1N3_ t1_jdxyr6g wrote

Had no idea. I knew it was the ở character but it doesn’t show up on my keyboard. I often look up online to cut&paste the correct form of words but I could have sworn I saw ò used elsewhere. I also didn’t know no one? minds if it’s unaccented. I would have thought it would be more annoying to not have at least some accent indicated. So that is good insight about sensibilities. And then there are our sensibilities too you know. I call people out on mistakes all the time so I will give you a pass.


bucketassrabbit t1_jdy3qtg wrote

yeah you’re good! Viet people love curiosity, so we will make fun of you for it for shits and giggles but we don’t care. we were taught growing up to eliminate all accents on our words when presenting them in a foreign language, so when in doubt, no accent is absolutely fine.

edit: and i have seen people open a viet restaurant but put Phò in their name.


BallardCPOS t1_je025t8 wrote

Shabu Shabu is Japanese hot pot. Nothing to do with China or Mongolia.