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opekiskagrl t1_jdxy5ah wrote

Reply to comment by _W1T3W1N3_ in [i ate] Pho by nomaddopamine

Love Phò, and Vietnamese food in general. Learned to appreciate it while on a project in Greensboro, NC, which has a surprisingly large Vietnamese contingent.

Ewer since then, while I was still doing a fair amount of travelling for out-of-town projects, I would seek out Vietnamese restaurants and always choose Phò as my first meal as a gauge to their quality.

One thing I learned was that the location and appearance weren't a very good guide to go by. The most sumptuous was in San Diego, but even thought they had a lobster tank and lots of gorgeous appurtenances the fare was mediocre.

My best success has been with tiny places in small and often somewhat dingy strip malls.


_W1T3W1N3_ t1_jdxyzhg wrote

Vietnamese just said you got to use the ở character or nothing apparently ò is very wrong just a heads up.


opekiskagrl t1_jdy0188 wrote

My bad. I just used a copy and paste from an earlier entry to get the diacritical mark in there. No idea it was wrong, but I have no excuse for not knowing or being lazy.

This does not diminish my love for Phở. (And my very western spell checker insists I misspelled that. I corrected it too.)


_W1T3W1N3_ t1_jdy200s wrote

Yeah I just wanted to let you know to avoid looking stupid and I felt bad because it was I who used the mark and I didn’t want to cause anyone into dismay.


LnStrngr t1_je09qdp wrote

Some of the best food I've had come from "hole in the wall" locations.