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Moepsii t1_jdudkan wrote

Whats Bolognese Style? You mean ragout?


SVOalltime OP t1_jdue1gq wrote

It's a chili inspired by Italian tomato based meat sauce (Ragout/ragu/ragu alla Bolognese etc.) Call it whatever you want.


Horror_Onion5343 t1_jduhxuh wrote

Bolognese contrary to poular belief is most definitely not a tomato based sauce. But I split hairs... the chili looks bomb


SVOalltime OP t1_jdv46q7 wrote

You're not wrong when referring to the Bolognese you get in bologna. This is based on a meat sauce recipe from a close friend's grandmother who grew up in Calabria which is in the more tomato-rich southern part of Italy. Kind of a Calabrian take on a Bolognese. I just figured it would be easier for most people to understand if I called it "Bolognese Style." Thanks for the compliment!