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Caractacutetus t1_je4herr wrote

Fantastic looking bacon


Nexustar t1_je4j8rx wrote

Really hard to source in the US without buying a bunch of it online. Here, they butcher the pig differently and it's all thin streaky stuff which is mainly fat.


HasturDragon t1_je4tziq wrote

It’s not butchered differently it’s from a different part of the pig.

Back bacon (shown in the picture) comes from pork loin running along the lower section of the pigs back.

Belly (Streaky in the UK) bacon comes from pork belly which is cut from the pigs belly.

The process for making the bacon is similar (or the exact same in some cases), it’s just a different hunk of meat.


Vindaloo6363 t1_je57kju wrote

You can commonly get the back loin in the US but it won’t come with the fatty wings unless you go to a specialty whole hog butcher. That looks so much better than lean Canadian bacon.

I know where I’m going tomorrow. They sell the loin as half a spine with the tenderloin and top of the ribs with all the trim intact for less than $2 per lb.

Thank you for inspiring my next project. English bacon, smoked rib chops and fresh tenderloin for dinner.


Lunatalia t1_je6568v wrote

Genuine question, if you happen to know. Why do Americans call pork loin "Canadian bacon"? Back bacon or peameal bacon are definitely different from what either Americans or Canadians know as bacon (cut from pork belly). It's always bothered me, since we both say "bacon" for the same thing.


HasturDragon t1_je6e7bb wrote

Oh, I actually know this one!

So Canadian bacon isn’t an American term. It’s British originally. There was a shortage of pork in the UK in the 1800s and so it was imported from Canada to the UK. But, Canadians remove the fat from the loin so the cuts were leaner. To sell this to the British the term Canadian Bacon was used to express the fact that it would be lean.

The term eventually migrated to the US where it stuck.


Vindaloo6363 t1_je6iaxn wrote

And I always blamed Canada for that. It only really shows up on eggs Benedict because it’s a convenient shape.


HasturDragon t1_je6jzto wrote

I don’t mind Canadian bacon. It’s hard for me to not appreciate cured pork in most forms.


Vindaloo6363 t1_je6klq3 wrote

I cure and smoke a couple loins per year and like it cut 1 cm thick and lightly fried. I’m liking the idea of some fat to fry it in.


Lunatalia t1_je6kx6v wrote

This is amazing! Thank you so much for explaining. I never knew why it was always popping up because our bacon is the same as the US kind. This actually makes a lot more sense.


msully89 t1_je6n0v5 wrote

I'm British so this is normal bacon to me. Top tip if you get some. Start in a cold pan to get the fat nice and crispy!


HasturDragon t1_je5ckls wrote

I guess? I mean there are a lot of local meat markets in my area. I don’t consider them specialty, they’re just butchers not attached to grocery stores. I can usually get untrimmed loins without making a special request, but I may be a regional.


duaneap t1_je6jgn9 wrote

Plus anywhere there’s a large Irish population you can totally find it. Called rashers.


HasturDragon t1_je6k66d wrote

The Irish know what they’re doing.


duaneap t1_je6l7sm wrote

I’m of the opinion there’s a time and place for both things. I personally hate when people put rashers on burgers in Ireland and call it a “Bacon cheeseburger,” since I consider that to be 100% the territory of “American” or “streaky,” bacon. But for a breakfast? Or in a breakfast roll? Gimme rashers.


Nexustar t1_je6lxjl wrote

Is that not what "butchering the pig differently" means? Cutting the loin into different shapes? ... one sliced for bacon, one sold as a complete loin?

If I minced the pig, isn't that butchering it differently?

Genuinely confused.


HasturDragon t1_je6mpkn wrote

If I say I’m gonna disassemble a car and give you the door to make paint cans, but give someone else the hood to make butter knives, and you say you want to make butter knives out of the door I give you, I’m not chopping up the car differently.

What you do with the door has nothing to do with how I chop it off the car.

Butchery is the slicing up of the pig. There are some variations on how you do it but generally you get the same cuts of meat every time. How you prepare those cuts is not butchery.


[deleted] t1_je6isfb wrote



HasturDragon t1_je6jty0 wrote

If you can find a butcher that makes their own streaky bacon, you can probably ask them to cut it thicker for you.

Streaky bacon is effectively what Americans call bacon. It might be cured a bit differently than you’re used to, but unless you can find an Oscar Meyer dealer around you’ll have to make do.


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HasturDragon t1_je6kb34 wrote

No worries. The only other option in my opinion is to buy yourself a pork belly and cure and smoke it yourself.


BigbooTho t1_je5944i wrote

So you would say the butcher did something… different…. Between cutting American and British bacon? Yes? So we can say it was butchered differently? So we can all agree you just could not possibly wait to spew your pick me knowledge of the day all over everyone around you while tossing in your ahktually on the person above you? Good, good. I’m glad we all agree.


HasturDragon t1_je5bmqm wrote

No. Actually I wouldn’t.

The butcher cut the loin and the belly out of the pig as he always does. He didn’t butcher it any differently. Both cuts always come out of the pig regardless of whether they’re turned to bacon.

The decision of which cut to cure and smoke has little to do with how it was cut up in the first place, especially if the person doing the cutting isn’t necessarily doing the curing and smoking.

By the way, you’re on the internet. So either get used to people providing facts and corrections, or quit trying to high road us all with your “better than thou” attitude as if replying to my comment makes you any less of a “one upper”


BigbooTho t1_je67wn9 wrote

Girl please butchering is the process of cutting up the animal. If the butcher is cutting up the animal differently then they’re butchering it differently.


HasturDragon t1_je6d9uj wrote

Now I know you’re just a troll.


BigbooTho t1_je6iptu wrote

How is that trolling I’m pointing out how pedantic you’re being


HasturDragon t1_je6jeex wrote

You’re repeating an argument that for the sake of arguing. At least three different people have explained to you why you’re wrong. So you’re either trolling, or you’re willfully ignorant.


BigbooTho t1_je6o3xl wrote

It’s not for the sake of arguing. You literally made a comment that just haaaad to correct someone that didn’t say something wrong. You could’ve said “yeah! And…” but instead you had to say “so you’ve got it all wrong also…” That does not sit well with me. I get it. You know something from a twenty minute YouTube video you watched sometime. You need to share how smart you are. Fine. I take issue when you have to correct someone needlessly to get there.


HasturDragon t1_je6p4bv wrote

Whatever is going on in your day that’s needlessly making you so angry at someone (me) on Reddit for correcting someone else (original commenter) about something that was factually incorrect, I hope it gets better.

As for me. I feel no need to apologize. You seem to be needlessly overreacting to a comment on the internet that was not made maliciously but simply to educate someone else.

If you take issue, that’s on you, but the votes have spoken and you’re the one that looks like the troll for constantly saying “no but” to me, even though I and others have made it clear you’re wrong.


BigbooTho t1_je6q7o0 wrote

Yeah I’m going to let a hoard of Reddit monsters that probably read 5% of this exchange and thought about less than that play morality judge for me. To make stringy bacon and british bacon, something you pretty much have to buy from a butcher to have both options as a choice in the respective countries of interest, the butcher has to prepare different pieces of meat during the butchering process. They butcher it differently. They’re the butcher. I literally had a whole ass conversation with a local butcher about this as I was trying to acquire British bacon for a lotr full English breakfast party. If you ever needed to wonder why mob mentality is scary look no further than this absurd exchange.


HasturDragon t1_je6qke7 wrote

You’re on the internet, if you wanna bitch about mob mentality you might want to find a better hill to die on.

Clearly you’re having a bad day so I’m just gonna repeat what I said before.

I hope it gets better.



d0uble0h t1_je6c74n wrote

Except they didn't butcher it differently. What they decided to do with the cut AFTER butchery is what's different.


BigbooTho t1_je6iu8k wrote

Llllmmmmaaaoooooooooooooooooo can’t wait to go tell a butcher that as soon as they strip the meat off the bone their job ends


NakedScrub t1_je6odsc wrote

What are you not understanding about this?? It's fuckin wild man. Pig gets cut up. Same way. Some places prefer different cuts for different things. You're so confidently wrong.


BigbooTho t1_je6p3yn wrote

If you’re talking about getting this meat from a butcher then the butcher is the one that sees through to the ultimate processing and preparing for sale. They’re butchering the fucking pig differently.


NakedScrub t1_je7h89w wrote

When was the last time you worked as a butcher, and where?


BigbooTho t1_je82njd wrote

I’m basing this entire argument off of my conversation with a local butcher when I was trying to acquire British bacon for a full English breakfast lord of the rings party. And common sense. How about you?


tyrukuro t1_je5dq75 wrote

Absolutely no one agrees. At no point was this person spewing any thing but helpful information. Someone stated something they had no idea about and this person provided information to not only correct them, but to assist in getting some of the different cut of meat they were misinformed about.

It is butchered identically, just different parts of meat. Wrap your head around that one while you take the rest of the day to figure out why you took this so personally.


BigbooTho t1_je683r6 wrote

Lolololololol so it’s butchered identically but also not identically? Nice I’m glad to know Reddit still has a hard on for pedanticism


JelloDarkness t1_je6bsip wrote

If one side of the pizza has pepperoni on it and the other side is plain, and it's still cut into 8 pieces, would you say the pizza was cut differently because someone choose plain vs pepperoni? You wouldn't, unless you were wrong (and perhaps also have a poor grasp of how things work).

Trying to mask your foolishness for pedantic behavior of others says a lot more about you than you might think. Take the L, ideally while learning something from this, and move on.


BigbooTho t1_je6osv8 wrote

I sure as shit would say the pizza was prepared differently. Butchery is the processing of a carcass as well as what a butcher does. The butcher cuts up the meat differently to prepare stringy bacon vs back bacon because the butcher is often the one preparing the meat for display and sale. Idk what you want this isn’t some crazy hill to die on. Reddit sees downvotes and goes bananas.


randombull9 t1_je6c71k wrote

It's literally butchered identically. I'm not sure how anyone could phrase "All butchers will remove the back loin and the belly the same way" in a way that is more understandable to you, but god damn it I can try.

The process of butchering the pig is literally exactly the same. If I buy a ribeye and you buy a flank steak, both of which came from the same cow, that one cow could not have been butchered in two different ways. If I roast a chicken, and you have some thigh while I have the breast, the chicken was not prepared differently between those two cuts, it's still a roast chicken. Back bacon and belly bacon are two different parts of the same pig. The butcher does not cut the back loin to make back bacon, and then throw the rest of the pig away. He goes through a literally identical process when breaking down the carcass, with two parts of meat then going through a literally identical process to cure them. Butchery is the process of breaking down the carcass, the fact that you get different qualities of meat from different parts of the carcass don't make for a different process.


BigbooTho t1_je6j59o wrote

So a butcher, doing butchery, stops doing butchery the second the animal has no more useable meat? Interesting interesting. Do they have to hand the meat over to the meat cutter after that so they can do the meat cutting to get the different cuts, I guess? Because a butcher doing butchery definitely wouldn’t be the one to do that. That’s not butchery as we’ve established.


randombull9 t1_je6lnlx wrote

>So a butcher, doing butchery, stops doing butchery the second the animal has no more useable meat?

The moment it's processed, yes, the butchering is completed.

>Do they have to hand the meat over to the meat cutter after that so they can do the meat cutting to get the different cuts, I guess?

No, you see because that is a synonymy of butchery. The process is still incomplete if the meat isn't cut. Cutting meat is butchering it. So the process is only finished once all the meat has been cut. The one, singular, only process happening is finished once the processing of the carcass is done. There can't be two processes happening, unless perhaps there are two butchers fighting to process the same meat. One butcher butchers a carcass, and all the butchering of that carcass is one instance of butchery, in much the same way 9 innings are not 9 consecutive instances of different games of baseball.

>Because a butcher doing butchery definitely wouldn’t be the one to do that. That’s not butchery as we’ve established.

Nobody said this but you. I'd almost think you don't know what butchering even is, except we couldn't have made it this far if that were the case.


BigbooTho t1_je6npfh wrote

The loops you’re having to go through to pretend that cutting stringy bacon and cutting British bacon from a pig carcass is not butchering is insanity.


NakedScrub t1_je6olie wrote

It's like arguing with a brick wall at a certain point.


BigbooTho t1_je6ox1t wrote

That is indeed what it feels like. 60 bricks not really moving and not really saying anything back to me. Oh well, I’m on break.


tyrukuro t1_je7cr9p wrote

Listen buddy, you’re basing every argument you’re having with people on a comment made by someone that didn’t communicate what they were talking about properly. They implied that pigs in North America and in the UK are butchered so differently that the cut isn’t found locally for them, when it maybe just isn’t popular. And you fuckin ran with it. Again, the parts of the animal are butchered the exact same way. What you’re thinking of is processing the butchered parts, I could make ground pork with any part of the pig but I have to get it from the carcass first right?


dogbot420 t1_je8lykl wrote

you realise the slices of bacon aren't cut during the butchering process right? Like its a whole slab that gets cured, and then sliced afterwards.


Caractacutetus t1_je4jq2o wrote

We call that style 'streaky bacon'. It's pretty common here too, especially for making pigs in blankets. I wonder if you could ask a butcher to give you cuts of back bacon. Might be pricey though! Haha


MrBrZrKr t1_je6v6s9 wrote

The local butcher shops have this all the time , you must live in the city.


Gymleaders t1_je75yg7 wrote

you say here like we all know you personally lol


creggieb t1_je4x6iy wrote

Bacon is supposed to be streaky alternatig strips of fat and meat, slowly rendered.

Back bacon, or Canadian bacon has more meat in it


elthune t1_je53syq wrote

In America, back bacon is just normal bacon in England.

There is no supposed to be, it's just callrd different things in different places