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Nexustar t1_je6lxjl wrote

Is that not what "butchering the pig differently" means? Cutting the loin into different shapes? ... one sliced for bacon, one sold as a complete loin?

If I minced the pig, isn't that butchering it differently?

Genuinely confused.


HasturDragon t1_je6mpkn wrote

If I say I’m gonna disassemble a car and give you the door to make paint cans, but give someone else the hood to make butter knives, and you say you want to make butter knives out of the door I give you, I’m not chopping up the car differently.

What you do with the door has nothing to do with how I chop it off the car.

Butchery is the slicing up of the pig. There are some variations on how you do it but generally you get the same cuts of meat every time. How you prepare those cuts is not butchery.