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Achillez4 t1_jay9xd5 wrote

That’s rare my friend


tj0909 t1_jb0jqk6 wrote

It’s a big cut, and we can’t see the center of many slices. I’d guess it’s rare in the middle and med-rare on the ends. Perfectly done, IMO.


atomicfroster t1_jayp4oz wrote

I don’t know why your downvoted. It’s straight up raw in the middle.


holideaa t1_jazv143 wrote

It's definitely rare but still looks good but yeah word lol


dave8271 t1_jaypx59 wrote

That's not medium rare, just rare. Sweet, delicious rare. I want some.


Smallios t1_jaxy2py wrote

That’s medium rare?


AtlaStar t1_jazpdgh wrote

It is rare+

Some of the meat is definitely medium rare which shows up that pink color. Other parts are rarer which is why it has a deeper crimson color.

Basically rare is when the inner purplish red color turns a truer red color, and that meat is above rare and almost all the way to medium rare...but not quite all the way there as you can visibly see some darker red portions in the meat.


faposaurous t1_jaz6fwx wrote

Finish in the oven next time!


Cathycane2012 t1_jazaq3h wrote

Nice knife skills. Did that little knife do all that?


davtruss t1_jazifl8 wrote

I enjoy medium rare leaning toward rare. But your presentation is so fabulous, I would eat that even if it turned out to be spray painted and thrown on a hot grill left in the summer sun for a couple of hours.


oldbearjack t1_jazzxy4 wrote

Rest it longer before you cut


buerglermeister t1_jb0toju wrote

Look how even the cook is. This had plenty of rest or was cooked below 100 degrees celsius. The juice either comes from resting, or from cutting. Even with rest there‘s juice when you cut meat, because you are damaging the cells.


ShiibbyyDota t1_jb01mxp wrote

It looks fantastic, but I think it’s rare


sapador t1_jb0efqx wrote

That doesn't look "mid" at all ;)


Traffixs t1_jazx43h wrote

Looks delicious but you need some veggies on that plate.


AxeLincoln t1_jazz4ou wrote

Medium rare is 50% red and Rare is 75%. This is arguably in between, imo leaning more towards the latter.


buerglermeister t1_jb0tb7y wrote

What? That‘s not how this works


AxeLincoln t1_jb16joc wrote

Try googling, might help. There are definitions based on looks.


buerglermeister t1_jb18xd7 wrote

I‘m a trained chef, you dipshit.


AxeLincoln t1_jb19szw wrote

You aren't the only one. Not trying to argue with my brother just sharing what the book says. If you have different information maybe you could share and help us come to the truth?

Edit: I can't spell 🤣


buerglermeister t1_jb1az5r wrote

A good chef bases the cook on temperature and temperature alone. With good technique and enough resting, it‘s possible to achieve a medium cook without much grey around the edges


AxeLincoln t1_jb1e5ah wrote

I wholeheartedly agree with you and I too wish OP told us the temp. I was just going off looks for simplicity sake.

See? Now we agree. No need to name-call and get upset. It's the Internet, nothing worth your peace of mind.


grunkage t1_jazircm wrote

This isn't rare. This is exactly what I want when I order medium rare.


AdogTh1rt3en t1_jayn0zq wrote

HAHAHA. Go back to school with this spelling ass


LAUSart t1_jaz02zb wrote

How many languages do you speak?