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suentendo t1_jdctrkm wrote

Nice. I'd probably bust open a single grilled cheese (with extra cheeeese) and slap the patty inside, but I'll take your word on it: did the 4 slices of bread not feel like too much in a single bite?


drugthrowawaylolweed OP t1_jdj6jme wrote

The bread wasn't too much, it was the cheese that was overwhelming. There was cheese on both grilled cheeses, AND cheese on the burger. All American cheese. I was thinking next time I'd either ask for no cheese on the burger itself, or maybe do like cheddar on the grilled cheeses and something like pepper jack on the burger. Cuz American cheese is fine if it's not the centerpiece of the meal ya know. If you have too much of it you can really taste how plastic it is. But like cheddar? Especially sharp cheddar? I eat that shit straight off the block.