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AnaArg86 t1_jdckx5n wrote

That looks like a whole lot of amazing, not gonna lie.


RoyBratty t1_jdcq706 wrote

Have you accepted Chessus as your personal savior?


NinjitsuSauce t1_jdcs4ny wrote

For those interested, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt has a "Fatty Melt" video that is exactly this.

Happened to rewatch it last night. If you're unfamilar with this ATK / Serious Eats superstar, I'm sure you've heard of his smash burgers that are basically everywhere and have been for what feels like a decade.


suentendo t1_jdctrkm wrote

Nice. I'd probably bust open a single grilled cheese (with extra cheeeese) and slap the patty inside, but I'll take your word on it: did the 4 slices of bread not feel like too much in a single bite?


Re7icle t1_jdd2i77 wrote

I had something similar at a restaurant near me. I love me some cheese but it was honestly too much for me. I mean, it was delicious but I couldn't finish it.


RanCestor t1_jdd3ew1 wrote

Only way to heaven they say so can't blame OP for accepting Jesus at the food table or can I?! There is a lack of ketchup otherwise good. U/I think I'm going to hell for this anyway.


Lethbridgemark t1_jdd66rh wrote

I've seen this in Canada called a Patty Melt at many places. Made it myself a few times at home and it's amazing, add bacon and I'm thinking avacado would be a nice add too.


Roook36 t1_jddfrwh wrote

The Vortex in Atlanta will serve a bypass burger (also can get a double, triple, or quadruple which are insane) that is a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches with egg and bacon. I got it just for the gimmick and I actually really enjoyed it. Ended up taking half home. Each bite tasted like a burger, breakfast sandwich or a patty melt depending


drugthrowawaylolweed OP t1_jdj2su7 wrote

Nah, the grilled cheeses are cheese only. The meat is sandwiched between grilled cheeses. Not technically a patty melt. If it was a grilled cheese with a burger in it, then yes. But it's two grilled cheeses with cheese only, encasing a burger.


drugthrowawaylolweed OP t1_jdj6jme wrote

The bread wasn't too much, it was the cheese that was overwhelming. There was cheese on both grilled cheeses, AND cheese on the burger. All American cheese. I was thinking next time I'd either ask for no cheese on the burger itself, or maybe do like cheddar on the grilled cheeses and something like pepper jack on the burger. Cuz American cheese is fine if it's not the centerpiece of the meal ya know. If you have too much of it you can really taste how plastic it is. But like cheddar? Especially sharp cheddar? I eat that shit straight off the block.