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winter_beard OP t1_iu58g5n wrote

Leftover 50/50 beef/venison smoked meatloaf with a ketchup based glaze. On a brioche bun with grilled onions, cheese, pickles and spicy mayo.


Sriracha-Enema t1_iu5x4yj wrote

Saw the pink border and thought, son of a bitch smoked it didn't they!


lux-libertas t1_iu682e1 wrote

Oh.. Hogies and grinders. Hogies and grinders. Hogies and grinders. Navy beans. Navy beans. Navy beans. Hogies and grinders. Hogies and grinders. Navy beans. Navy beans.

Meatloaf sandwich!


boredonymous t1_iu5dwwh wrote

Looks amazing. My wife loves great meatloaf, hates meatloaf sandwiches.

I grew up on 'em, so I have no idea how on earth she can think the latter can be worse than the former, especially when made like that!


utrangerbob t1_iu5x596 wrote

I mean meatloaf is already cut with breadcrumbs. Does it need more bread?


ITouchedItForABurito t1_iu622up wrote

Does garlic bread go well with pasta?


utrangerbob t1_iu62yz1 wrote

I mean i don't put the pasta on my garlic bread and I only dip the bread in sauce.

It's like yakisoba buns. I mean I prefer the yakisoba by itself. why do I need it on a bun?


ITouchedItForABurito t1_iu6bthg wrote

Oh man... you've never made a pasta sandwich with your garlic bread? Whenever I make spaghetti bolognese I can't help myself


boredonymous t1_iu8t6gk wrote

Ever hear of a chip butty? Loads of cultures make starch sandwiches. Plus there's really not a hell of a lot of breadcrumbs in meatloaf. Like 25%


DownvotingRoman_ t1_iu5guyo wrote

Great proportions, properly sauced, reusable plate. 10/10


B-Rythm t1_iu6326r wrote

I Fuckin love, next day left over cold meatloaf sandwiches.


Xanthus179 t1_iu6b4nv wrote

I’m guessing by the melted cheese that this was reheated but it made me realize I’ve not had a cold meatloaf sandwich in ages.


zzunino t1_iu5x2ck wrote

Absolutely fires nice and simple , no fuss. That meatloaf looks perf


Mortonlikethesalt t1_iu697jx wrote

That looks.....a bit raw dude 🤢


winter_beard OP t1_iu6c731 wrote

That is a smoke/ketchup ring you're seeing. Cooked this to 155F internal temp.


RobAChurch t1_iu794sy wrote

Never had had any smoked meat before? Bbq? Nothin?