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LinFTW t1_it6apkr wrote

I love a good thali. I wish that they hadn't somehow become "fancy" in the US as the price at a lot of places I've been to is exorbitant for what you're getting.


Sexy_Banker_Lady t1_it54euc wrote

Everything looks fantastic! Thali is one of my favorite ways to enjoy Indian food.


frealfr t1_it5h714 wrote

Troop barracks?


ihuha t1_it6e2bt wrote

holy this looks so good.


kTz30 t1_it6x03e wrote

Looks amazing, I know what I have for dinner 😄


LeGuizee t1_it6ao0o wrote

Is it a prison meal ? Why that tray ?


InvincibleTiger OP t1_it6aq9q wrote

Prison food? Huh? Have you never heard of an Indian thali ? It was fucking delicious.


Seattle2LA2dallas t1_it6kf8s wrote

Only prisons and the military use metal cafeteria trays.


InvincibleTiger OP t1_it720dy wrote

Have you never eaten a thali? That's how it is served.

Plus, I give a shit about what it's in as long as the food is delicious, which it was.